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Literally PR Limited is a public relations company that offers a refreshingly different, creative and competitively priced approach to securing you and your book(s) the attention you deserve. We chase the national headlines like any other PR company, but we also recognise the importance of a highly interactive and innovative social media campaign, how important it can be to get on your local radio station (or BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour!).

We enjoy working with regional newspapers and magazines who can provide more space for your story, perhaps offer a competition to win a free copy, and really engage your target readers. We've got plenty of experience of working on targeted PR campaigns, from sports books to business, erotic fiction to historical fact.

We've also got plenty of ideas, which helps...

Our points of difference:

  • We aim to be as flexible as possible with pricing, so if you would like us to tailor make a package to suit your needs, please let us know. This is one of our major points of difference from other book publicity groups and in-house publishers: we work to your budget and schedule.
  • We are still very competitively priced and will be for as long as we possibly can be!
  • We are very well connected with the media, particularly because Helen Lewis has worked as a journalist (and still does, on a freelance basis) for more than a decade.
  • We actually read every book we promote and talk to every author.
  • We make recommendations and have helped authors fine-tune book cover design, website content, shape their blog, gain direction for their book and their long-term goals. We’ve spotted typos and helped informally with proofing early drafts. We help you to make your book the best it can be.
  • We aim to build a relationship with the author and ensure they’re comfortable with the PR process, which is often a new experience for them and, let’s face it, PRs don’t always have the best reputation! We do not do mass, untargeted mailings of journalists.
  • We do not make any guarantees about coverage. We do, however, try extremely hard to get as much coverage as we can.
  • Sometimes, the Holy Grail of achieving national newspaper coverage is not as fabulous as it appears...we have achieved plenty for our clients in the past but there are many other, hugely influential media titles out there, which may have a bigger impact on your book sales!
  • We remember that one of the ultimate goals is for you to make your money back and try our best to help you achieve that.
  • We do not want to shoehorn you into a fixed package for a fixed term containing elements that are not suitable for your budget or plan. We don’t charge retainer fees or tie you to an annual contract. Basically, this is your book and you can shape the publicity schedule according to your ambitions, goals and budget.
  • There are no hidden costs, you get more than what you pay for in most instances, and we are as transparent and flexible about costs as we can possibly be. We can accept payment in pre-arranged installments. The typical commissioning payment is £500.

Please note that VAT is added as we are a VAT registered company.

For more information please contact Helen Lewis at or call +44 (0) 7904801669 / +44 (0) 7827959644.