Services for authors, publishers & literary agents

So, what do we do?

We have spent the past 12 years working on more than 650 campaigns - the one thing they all have in common is that each project is centred around at least one book. We are known by lots of journalists in the UK as 'the Book PR people' for a reason! We've proudly built a strong and well-earned reputation for creative and effective PR and marketing campaigns for our clients. From New York Times bestselling writers to debut indie authors, we love connecting books with new readers, building author brands, and creating a buzz around an author and/or publisher and their book(s). Our speciality is to work with indie authors who are serious about a long-term author career, understand the need to build an appealing author brand, and connecting with their target readers in a consistent and considered way.

Crunching the numbers...

Please contact to request more information about packages and services. You can visit our Shop if you know what you want, of course! The Shop was created in response to demands from indie authors and indie publishers seeking ad hoc support to fit their budget as and when they need it - typically to top up their existing marketing and promotional strategies.

We recommend you book in a 15-minute discovery call, and you're welcome to join us on an upcoming Discovery Day (arranged at least every quarter) to better understand how we can help you achieve your author goals.

We offer support from just £4.99 (check out our Shop!), and we have broken our packages down to more cost-effective, bite-sized Chapters. Our belief is that indie authors in particular are often badly advised when it comes to the investment they make in the production of their books - often leaving them completely short when it comes to the pre-launch and post-launch sales, marketing and PR strategy. Author brand is often an afterthought when the money has run out. We don't believe that an author's full-year marketing budget should go 'just' on the launch. It's imperative, as with any new business, to take it step-by-step. Whether you sign up for individual Chapters (Packages) step by step (we can advise on timeframes) or the Full Story encompassing all 10 Chapters, we will optimise your investment to last up to 12 months. We believe there is so much potential for authors who look to the long-term for their author career, and have more than one book in them, but it has to be strategic.

If you're looking for a short burst of PR activity for a couple of weeks we're not the right people for you. We also don't believe that every book/author should have a PR campaign, many books/authors better suit a marketing-focused strategy for pre-launch/post-launch. PR is expensive and time-consuming, and it isn't the right fit for all authors at every stage of their careers. 

My book business needs a PR/marketing/social media boost - send help!

We are so proud of each and every one of the amazing clients we've worked with over the past decade. From working in your office to offer hands-on training through to being your virtual PR and communications team, we offer a range of services tailored to what we've seen authors and publishers need. Our Online Book Review Tours are thriving as the focus on digital marketing shot through the roof during the pandemic (a space we've been working in for many years!). We have great contacts within the review, blogging and writing communities and our Online Book Review Tours are targeted and always a fun way to connect with more readers and boost buzz and awareness of brilliant books.

We have an amazing social media manager on the team who can not only advise on social media and online branding, but also take over (or build) your social media platforms to connect with your target audience. If you know you need to be doing more on social media but don't know how to do it, who to talk to, or what to say, we can help!

If you want to do a local PR push but are struggling to get their attention, we can put together an attention-grabbing press release/press pack and media angle that we will then pitch directly to our contacts - this is part of our very popular Publicity Chapter - and spans 10-12 weeks of sustained activity focusing on media pitching in a creative and bespoke way.

We offer 10 Chapters based on our tried and tested strategies that we've fine-tuned over the past decade. To find out  more about our 10 Chapters complete this quick online form and we'll send you all the info you need, then get you booked in for a free, 15-minute discovery call with one of the team. 

We also offer access to coaching, brand building courses and other empowerment and education resources such as The VAULT for those authors keen to learn and do their own marketing. 

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