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We're lucky enough to be able to work with some incredibly talented and genuinely lovely writers along their journey. Many become friends over time and we stay in touch with all previous clients, offering help whenever we can. Here's a selection of some of our current and previous authors who selected Literally PR to boost awareness of their book(s) and build their author brand and profile. Clients are listed chronologically.

Henry Becket - The Becket List

Henry Becket was one of that curious breed, a Choral Exhibitioner at Cambridge, where he read... books. And magazines. He then spent decades nurturing what a head hunter once described as an iffy CV – as a Westminster speechwriter, lobbyist, wine merchant, copywriter, ad agency supremo (industry-speak for MD), and writer/director of innumerable eminently forgettable TV commercials in an awful lot of languages. He is lucky enough to have an impressively large family, and is also pretty obsessed with sailing, skiing, claret, churches and hillwalking, among other things. Oh, and the foibles of the world around him. Obvs.

Category: Non-Fiction, Humour


Leonie Huie - The First Year Is Survival

Leonie Huie is the founder of Empower Me which she started in 2019 after being inspired by her twin daughters to help empower other mothers to improve their work-life balance. After experiencing a challenging pregnancy and giving birth to twins Leonie suffered from post-natal depression and anxiety, which made it difficult for her to bond with her twins in the first weeks of their life. She returned to work when her babies were 10 months old and struggled trying to balance work and home life commitments and she knew she wasn’t alone. Leonie met so many women with the same issue, trying to manage that elusive work-life balance and still be the best mum they could be whilst providing for their family.

Leonie, who lives in London, now works part-time as a teacher whilst running Empower Me and uses her 17 years’ experience in education to coach and deliver training to mothers wanting to make positive changes in their lives to improve work-life balance for themselves and their family. She is also a female empowerment coach, public speaker and her first book, ‘The First Year is Survival,’ is written to help parents of twins and multiple children survive their first year of parenthood. Leonie’s daughters are still young so she manages her time effectively to ensure she can take them to their favourite place - the park - as well as play games and watch Mr Tumble.

Category: Parenting, Family, Non-Fiction


Bryony Hill - Scotland to Shalimar

Coming from Sussex where Bryony Hill was also educated, after a year at Brighton College of Art, she spent four years in France after which, on returning to England, she met and eventually married the television sports presenter Jimmy Hill. Scotland to Shalimar – a Family’s Life in India is Bryony’s ninth book and follows the lives of her mother’s family, six generations of whom were born in India. Apart from writing, Bryony is a keen gardener, painter and cook and, when she came across a collection of her great-great grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s recipes, the seed was sown to dig deep into her ancestors’ history and lives.

Category: Memoir, Non-Fiction, History, Family, Food, Gardening


E C Scullion

Emma Scullion joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 2003. For the past eleven years she has managed to escape Westminster, working in British Embassies in Beijing, Bangkok, Panama City and Montevideo in Uruguay. She is a graduate of the Faber Academy and Intruders is her first published novel. She now lives in Rome with her husband and two children.

Category: Thriller, Fiction


Chris McDonald - A Wash Of Black

Originally hailing from the north coast of Northern Ireland and now residing in South Manchester, Chris McDonald works as a primary school teacher and crime writer. He has always been a reader; at primary school, The Hardy Boys inspired his love of adventure, before his reading world was opened up by Chuck Palahniuk and the gritty world of crime. Chris is a husband and a father of two beautiful girls. He's a fan of 5-a-side football, has an eclectic music taste ranging from Damien Rice to Slayer, and dogs. 

Category: Crime Thriller, Police Procedural


Brian Landers

Educated at Exeter University and London Business School Brian Landers’ first job was assisting a former Director General of Defence Intelligence and a motley collection of ex-spooks set up a political research unit in the City of London. The Dylan series of thrillers illustrates how the world of espionage has changed since then.

As a director of Waterstone’s and later Penguin his love of books was rekindled. Brian Landers turned to thriller writing after his history of the American and Russian empires was published in the UK, USA and India. Empires Apart was described by the Midwest Book Review as a remarkable, scholarly, and educational read. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin now perfectly illustrate the author’s thesis that delusions of imperial grandeur are the recurrent themes of US and Russian history.

The author has lived in South and North America and various parts of Europe and has worked across the world from Lebanon to El Salvador. He now lives in London. Brian was awarded an OBE in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Category: Spy, Thriller, Fiction


Suzy Rowland - S.E.N.D. In The Clowns

Suzy Rowland is an author, speaker, Autism & ADHD Advocate, and a poet. Suzy’s son was diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD aged nine, and, after years of unsatisfactory experiences with schools, she set up the HIS (#happyinschool) project. Suzy’s belief is that parents, educators and children working together, have a unique opportunity to develop radical new systems around educating and supporting children and young people with autism/ADHD. Suzy works in partnership with schools, local authorities, charities and parent/carer groups offering training, dialogue, influence and education. 

Suzy’s former career in front-line PR, helped her to galvanise support for the project and its aims; she regularly engages in the debate, attracting media and other interest. Suzy is particularly interested in boys of black Caribbean heritage, with special educational needs, as statistically they’re the group most likely to be excluded from primary and mainstream secondary schools.

Suzy is passionate about helping others address the issues she faced as a mother. Her teenaged son is fast becoming a strong autism/ADHD advocate himself. He was recently nominated for a Jack Petchey Award.

Category: Non-Fiction, Family, Parenting, Neurodivergence


Matthew Ross

Matthew Ross was born and raised in the Medway Towns in Kent, that's in the South-East of England about an hour's drive from Central London - it's not quite Country not quite Capital. He attended the Howard School for boys, then Mid-Kent College at Fort Horsted. The local team is Gillingham FC and for many years he was a season-ticket holder - parenthood put an end to that, but he still follows the Gills. And he still lives in Kent with his Kiwi wife, two young sons and one very old bad-tempered cat.

Matthew grew up in and around the building industry, and spent his school summer holidays helping out on his father's sites. After leaving school he followed his father in to the industry, and over the years he has worked on everything from small domestic repairs to billion-pound infrastructure and probably everything in between. He drew influence from his experiences and the people he's met over the years when writing his first novel, "Death Of A Painter", the first in his planned series featuring the misadventures of Mark Poynter and friends.

Several years ago he ticked off a lifelong ambition and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. He enjoyed the writing more than the performing and got approached by a leading stand-up comedian to provide material for their nationwide theatre tours, Edinburgh Fringe shows, corporate bookings and their appearances on shows such as ‘Mock The Week’, ‘Have I Got News For You’ and ‘The News Quiz’. He was also commissioned by two leading production companies to provide material for different BBC Radio 4 comedy series. 

Unfortunately his writing ambitions got put on hold "temporarily", something he regrets because of the momentum gathering behind him. However a grown-up proper job, losing his father, and having his babies got in the way - what was a temporary postponement in time became a total derailment. But the itch wouldn't go away and he wanted to write again. He was less keen to return to joke/sketch writing, believing that the longer form novel was more appropriate for where he is now in life. So, he joined the Faber Academy 6-month Novel Writing course in 2016 under Richard Skinner’s tutelage and it changed his life.

Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Dark Comedy


Heleen Kist

Throughout her life, Heleen Kist has been fondled, patronised and ordered to smile by random men. So she wrote 'Stay Mad, Sweetheart', a feminist tale of justice, published November 2019. Whilst her professional knowledge of technology start-ups fed the novel's setting, its theme of insidious harassment and discrimination required no research: it is familiar to all women.

Heleen was chosen as an up and coming new author at Bloody Scotland 2018. Her first novel, 'In Servitude' won the silver medal for Best European Fiction at the Independent Publishers Book Awards in the USA and was shortlisted for The Selfies awarded at London Book Fair.

A Dutch strategy consultant living in Glasgow and married to a Scotsman, she's raising their son to be a good man and their daughter to kick ass.

Category: Suspense, Thriller


Maria Afentakis - The Spiritual Scientist


Maria is a scientist in cancer research, with degrees in Biochemistry and Neuroscience from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London. She has worked in prestigious scientific institutes throughout her scientific career, including London School of Pharmacy, Imperial College and The Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

She has been an author in many scientific publications, including a first author paper, which is recognition for her scientific research. Maria has taught many medical doctors and students scientific concepts in biology, physics and chemistry. She has supervised them, and helped them pass examinations and obtain MDs and PhDs.


Maria is a gifted third-generation spiritual psychic, incarnated angel, clairvoyant, intuitive reader, angelic reiki practitioner, Atlantean healing practitioner, qualified animal healer and communicator, crystal healer, Einstein channel, public speaker, teacher and author.

From a young age, Maria has been highly sensitive to energetic fields of places and people, and has been blessed with spiritual gifts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, to educate others in gaining the scientific background to help them understand spirituality, and to bring them peace and balance in their everyday lives.

Category: Mind, Body, Spirit, Mental & Spiritual Healing, Alternative Medicine, Spiritualism, Science


Mary Hamer, Kipling & Trix

Mary was born in Birmingham, where her father Laurence taught French and her Irish mother, Madge, had worked as a nurse. The eldest of four, she was the only girl. Mary was educated mainly by nuns at St Pauls Grammar School for Girls before reading English at Lady Margaret Hall. Later, divorced and a single mother of two daughters, she taught at Cambridge. Remarried and a stepmother, she went on teaching but research was her real passion.

In her first book, Writing by Numbers, she deciphered Trollope’s working diaries to reveal his creative process, tracking down the long-lost diary of The Last Chronicle of Barset, in a remote country house.

Signs of Cleopatra, her second, took her to Egypt, Venice and Paris, in search of what Cleopatra’s image has meant and how that has varied with time and place, tied to changing ideas about women and their lives. The project led to fellowships at Harvard, where she continues to spend time most years.

A month-long intensive actor-training with Shakespeare and Company in Massachusetts inspired her third book, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Her groundbreaking fourth book, Incest: a new perspective, again uncovered knowledge that had been hidden away, when it examined the spectrum of psychological trauma and its causes.

Ever since Rudyard Kipling lit her imagination as a child, Mary had wanted to write about him. As a grown woman she gradually realised that the story of his sister, Trix, was just as compelling. 

To explore the impact of their daunting early experience on their lives and work as adults, she set out to research the facts in libraries and archives. But it was visiting the places where they lived that brought them closer to her. For the intimate story she had to tell, she decided it had to be fiction. Kipling and Trix is her fifth book and first novel. 

Category: Literary Fiction, Historic Fiction


Colum Sanson-Regan - The Tall Owl and other stories

In these stories, whether it's the necessary journey back home for a funeral, or the escapism of a work trip, the bonds that have been formed in the past reappear to affect the present and direct the protagonists’ actions, despite their best intentions. Guilt, loyalty, love and lust are all brought together in a swirling battle of emotions, the outcome of which is often beyond their control. These ten tales twist and turn to show the underbelly of the familiar and lead us to unexpected places.

Category: Literary Fiction, Short Story Collection


Penny Batchelor - My Perfect Sister

Penny Batchelor is an alumna of the Faber Academy online ‘Writing a Novel’ course.

She is a freelance journalist, a former BBC content producer and website editor for various educational institutions, and lives in Warwickshire with her husband. 

Her journalism has appeared in numerous publications including The Knitter, Vintage Life, Mollie Makes, Travel Africa, The Simple Things and Pretty Nostalgic magazines; and BBC Ouch!, money, and The University of Warwick's Knowledge Centre websites. 

She is the editor of her award-winning knitting blog A Woolly Yarn, which is now solely social-media based on Facebook and Instagram.

​My Perfect Sister is her first novel and she is currently writing a second.

Category: Fiction, Domestic Noir, Thriller


Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown

Jacquie Flecknoe-Brown worked in an acute psychiatric ward where she realised that a person’s suffering and behaviour carried a meaning for that person, even when it was not fully understood. She trained in Milan school of Systemic Family Therapy, a therapy that helped to unearth this meaning in the context of family. Later, she began to explore the writings of Dr. C.G. Jung, a master psychological analyst of symbolic communication, who along with other famous contemporaries, discovered a method of dream interpretation which helped support a person’s recovery and growth.

After years of her own analysis, she sold her house and went to Switzerland, training as a Jungian Analyst at the Research and Training Centre for Depth Psychology. Jacquie is the co-founder of the Australian Guild of Depth Psychology.

She has been in private practice as a psychotherapist and a Jungian Analyst for over 20 years. She works in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, lectures in tertiary education and writes. Her household includes too many poodles and a wild magpie family.

Category: Psychology, Dreams, Therapy, Spirituality


Burton Paul - Is It Serious?

Healthcare Engagement Specialist and writer, Burton Paul, wrote Is it Serious? after over 10 years working in the leading edge of the world’s healthcare system. Advising brands such as Nestle, Bupa and Takeda, he realised the number one priority – the patient - wasn’t being considered enough. This book aims to serve as a bible that safely bridges the gap between the concerned internet browser and the health professional.

Burton studied and worked in the US, and moved to the UK 12 years ago. After landing on British soil, Burton pursued a career in private-sector pharmaceuticals and healthcare. It was from this he discovered the desperation of both patients and health professionals to find health solutions that didn’t ignore today’s biggest health resource - the internet. He then pursued a PhD at Imperial College Faculty of Medicine within this area. Following a few years research, he had to put it on hold due to his many professional commitments and obligations. Burton is active in supporting various patient focused research projects and resides in London. Is it Serious? is Burton’s first book.

Category: Health, Medicine, Illness, Non-Fiction


Martin van Es - Call Me Joe

Martin van Es is a Dutch entrepreneur, father and grandfather. Born in 1959, the youngest of three children, he studied clinical psychology in Groningen, but got distracted by partying and a permanent lack of money. In 1986, he became a father to his daughter, and his son joined the world in 1989, during this time he decided it was time to study again and start living more seriously.

After graduating in international marketing, Martin took a job as a purchasing director of a partnership of 28 wholesalers, enabling him to travel the world. He then became director of a packaging wholesaler in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Over 14 years he developed the company alongside his team to create a leading player in the international packaging industry.

In 2005, Martin sold the company to the largest distributor in the packaging world, and he ventured into volunteering, investing and advising companies. MooiWeer, on the beautiful island of Terschelling, is a father and son enterprise, of which Martin is particularly proud.

Between 2013 and 2017, Martin worked as MD for a large, international, family-owned group of packaging wholesale companies specialised in environmental issues. The role, and the birth of his first two grandchildren, have had a massive influence on Martin.

He started writing Call Me Joe in 2017 and hopes the book will provoke conversation, challenge the status quo, and encourage people to question more about what is happening in the world, to question their leaders, and to consider their role in the future of the planet.

Category: Fiction


Hira Ali - Her Way To The Top

Hira Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Advancing Your Potential, Managing Director of International Women Empowerment Events, Founding Director of Career Excel, and Co-Founder of The Grey Area is a multi-faceted career coach and trainer who has impacted thousands of people from myriad industries and professions across the world.

She is an Associate Certified Coach accredited by International Coach Federation and a professional member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Her widely acclaimed leadership and coaching articles have been featured in The International Coach Federation, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes, Ellevate Network, Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur, Gulf News, The Female Lead and many more. 

Hira is a registered coach and mentor at international organisations including American Corporate Partners, the National Health Services, Mentor2mentees, and The Cherie Blair Foundation. She is the recipient of the Top 100 Women – Lift Effects Star Award and was one of the top three finalists for the Baton Awards, Entrepreneur of the Year. She recently won Highly Commended women in media award sponsored by Microsoft at the prestigious win trade awards. 

Hira has been featured as a role model in the book Girls Who Do you Want To Be alongside global influencers like Arianna Huffington, Reshma Sujani, Claire Shipman, Sallie Krawcheck and many more. She is passionate about empowering women and ethnic minorities and is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Category: Non-Fiction, Business, Gender Studies, Management, Leadership, HR, Diversity & Inclusion


Yousra S Imran - Hijab and Red Lipstick

Yousra S Imran is an English-Egyptian hybrid who works and lives in West Yorkshire. She has been writing from the moment she learned how to hold a pen and works full time in marketing and events in the education sector.

Yousra grew up between the UK and the Middle East and has a BA Hons in International Relations. She is passionate about women's rights and gender justice. Yousra lives with her husband in Bradford, Yorkshire.

Category: YA Fiction


Carol Stewart - Quietly Visible

Known as The Coach for High Achieving Introverted Women, Carol Stewart is an Executive, Career and Business Coach and founder of Abounding Solutions, with over 25 years' coaching and leadership experience.

She helps women (with a particular emphasis on introverted women) to be great leaders and to lead with influence and impact. She also provides workshops, training and talks to corporate gender networks and BAME (Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority) networks on career development, personal development, and leadership development, and she is a leadership team facilitator.

Carol has provided coaching, training and talks to organisations such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Asurion, Department of Health, NHS England, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR), Westminster City Council, Crown Prosecution Service, Metropolitan Police Service, London Borough of Croydon, London Borough of Waltham Forest, London Borough of Lambeth and more, as well as coaching private clients.

Carol was named as one of Britain's Top 50 Business Advisers in 2015 by Enterprise Nation, a LinkedIn Top Voice UK in 2017, 2018 and 2019, a We Are The City Rising Star Champion in 2018 for her work helping women to develop in their careers, and she was listed as one of Britain's most influential Black Christian women in 2019 by Keep the Faith Magazine.

Prior to starting her coaching business, Carol worked for the Ministry of Justice. Starting in one of the most junior roles, she progressed to a senior role with responsibility for the operation of a group of magistrates' courts where she was also a member of the Local Criminal Justice Board for four London boroughs. Carol is a semi-regular columnist for the Sheffield Telegraph, a weekly newspaper established in 1855, and has also written for several other publications. She volunteers her time mentoring women business owners in developing countries for the Cherie Blair Foundation, volunteers for the Kreative Culture Club, a youth charity that provides services to help develop young people in the local community (having previously been Chair of the Board of Trustees), she is a school governor, and leads the Marketplace Ministry at her church.


Category: Business, Psychology, Women


Abiola Bello - Emily Knight I Am... Becoming

A.Bello is an award-winning author and publishing entrepreneur, born and raised in London, where she still lives and works. In 2018, Abiola was named ‘Trailblazer of the Year’ by London Book Fair.

Abiola wrote her first novel at the age of eight – when she fought monsters and dragons on a daily basis – and experienced her first taste of ‘being published’ after winning a school poetry competition at the age of 12. Seeing her words in print fuelled a passion for writing that remains to this day.

The first incarnation of the Emily Knight story can be traced back almost 20 years; Abiola wanted to fill the gaping hole in children’s fiction for an inspirational, strong, black, female, young protagonist. This ‘gap’ in publishing remains in today’s publishing world despite continued calls for more BAME authors and diversity within characters and plotlines.

She is the founder of The Lil' Author School and co-founder of The Author School (shortlisted for The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2016 and celebrating its fifth birthday in 2020). A. Bello is regularly asked to contribute to the media; she has been featured in About Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Female First, Daily Mirror, BBC1XTRA, The Bookseller, The British Blacklist, Melan Magazine, London Post, and many more. Abiola is also a regular at literary festivals and gives talks to children in primary and secondary schools, as well as to young writers and people wishing to get into the publishing business.

Category: Middle Grade, Juvenile, Fantasy Fiction


Alison Booth - The Philosopher's Daughters

Born in Melbourne and brought up in Sydney, Alison spent over two decades studying, living and working in the UK before returning to Australia some fifteen years ago.

Her debut novel, Stillwater Creek, was Highly Commended in the 2011 ACT Book of the Year Award, and afterwards published in Reader’s Digest Select Editions in Asia and in Europe. Alison’s also written The Indigo Sky (2011), A Distant Land (2012), and A Perfect Marriage (2018). Alison wrote an article for The Guardian on domestic violence; a major theme in her last book, A Perfect Marriage.

Alison is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Australian National University. 

In November 2019, Alison was made Fellow of the Econometric Society, a prestigious international society for the advancement of economic theory in its relation to statistics and mathematics.

Category: Historical Drama, Fiction


Venessa Taylor - Baller Boys

Venessa Taylor brings two decades of experience as an inner-city primary school teacher and assistant headteacher, to the creation of the Baller Boys series. Aimed at encouraging young boys to enjoy reading, the football-themed stories are written with young readers in mind. Born and raised in London, Venessa continues her legacy as a literacy lead, through her stories. One of her proudest achievements was raising the standards of reading and literary engagement and attainment across the school with a focus of engaging boys and reluctant readers. Venessa used this valuable time to research and identify what students would respond most to in terms of content, characters and setting. Venessa soon realised that what the boys wanted to read about was not readily available, so took the challenge upon herself to inspire and encourage more young people – boys in particular - to read.

Venessa wrote the Baller Boys series to empower young readers, reflecting the diversity football brings in a community, while showcasing different families, lives and challenges. Venessa continues to be inspired by her grandsons, and the stories are dedicated to her son-in-law, ‘Coach Reece’, who passed away suddenly in 2017. With her family’s input and insight from the children she taught over the years, Venessa crafted an authentic, inclusive series that she hopes all young readers will enjoy – in and out of school!

Venessa lives in Essex and is an ambassador for various leukaemia and cancer charities. Venessa was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2016 and is in remission despite being unable to find a donor.

Category: Young Readers, Reluctant Readers, Children's Fiction


C Scott Jordan - A Very British Muslim Activist

Scott Jordan is a philosopher, writer, and political scientist living in America and Malaysia. He is the Executive Assistant Director of the Centre for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies. He holds a Masters in East-West Studies from Creighton University. Scott regularly contributes to the development of Postnormal Times Theory, and helps run conferences all over the world dedicated to expanding futures literacy and empowering marginalised peoples. His major contributions to PNT Theory are seen in the Postnormal Times Reader, East-West Affairs literary journal, and his upcoming co-authored book with Ziauddin Sardar and Jordi Serra, Muslim Societies in Postnormal Times.

He is also deputy editor of Critical Muslim. He also ran a podcast, Tea Talk Asia, that emphasised bringing news from Asia to the West.

Category: Biography, History, Politics, Religion, Female Empowerment


Lisa Dart - Fathom

Lisa Dart has a doctorate in Creative Writing from the University of Sussex, England.  She has published poetry, book reviews, creative non-fiction and articles and has won both the Grolier Prize, USA, and the Aesthetica Prize.  Her work has been published in The British Journal of Psychoanalysis and the International Journal of Psychotherapy.  Her last book, This Thing of Darkness, was given an Arts Council Award in 2015.

Category: Memoir, Experimental Memoir, Psychoanalysis


Time School - We Will Remember Them

Nikki Young is a freelance writer, copywriter and author. She lives in Kent with her husband, three children, a crazy Boston Terrier dog called, Barnie and a rescue cat named, Oscar. She is the author of 'The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants' an adventure story aimed at seven to nine year-olds and reluctant readers.

As well as writing middle grade and young adult fiction, Nikki runs Storymakers, a creative writing club for children, which provides weekly courses and holiday workshops for children aged seven and above.

Category: Middle Grade, Children's


Sue Telford - How To Drink Gin

Sue Telford is a Norfolk-based writer, gin blogger and cocktail photographer with a love of craft gin, cocktails and fresh flavours. In 2017, inspired by the craft gin revolution, she bought a tiny 4L air still, got herself licensed by HMRC, and effectively turned her little 9ft by 9ft kitchen into a weekend gin distillery where she set about distilling with enthusiasm. At the time, she knew nothing about distilling, although she was a keen home cook and loved experimenting with flavours. She quickly learned through a lot of trial and error and internet research. And she is still learning. Her cocktail photographs with their distinctive style have been featured by gin distillers.

Sue has two teenage children and five years ago went through treatment for breast cancer and sepsis. When she turned 50, Sue decided to hire a DSLR camera, start a blog about gin, and turn her life-long love of all things creative (and gin!), into a passion project. Fast-forward two years and How To Drink Gin is born! Sue is available for press interviews, copies of the new book can be called in, and we can share extracts for media use.

Category: Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Alcoholic Drinks, Cocktails, Hobbies


Terry Geo - Refraction

Born in Derbyshire, raised in Yorkshire, resides in London, Terry learned from a young age that he was different from his peers. He preferred the company of girls over boys, didn’t like sports and would write at every opportunity. He was bullied throughout his school life both physically and verbally and had to deal with the cruelty of others from an early age.

Terry Geo wrote and directed his first play at age eleven. At sixteen, he started work in television, writing scripts and becoming the youngest director in the country. 

Terry applied for a job while taking his final exams and started work in television the week after he finished school. For the first time in his life, he found a world where he could shine and be accepted for who he was. He came out as gay to his parents the following week and never again hid his sexuality from anyone. At seventeen he became the youngest director in the country, producing a light entertainment show for Yorkshire Television.

After a short stint in a boyband, Terry went back to writing, editing two national publications. He toured the world as an actor, moved to London and in 2017, wrote and directed a musical for the London stage.

A year later, Terry married Ken, the love of his life, in London. After their honeymoon in Thailand, he returned to a book he had started some years before. In January 2019, his cat Megara sadly passed away. This hit Terry hard and in memorial to her, he wrote her into the book he was writing. She is now a part of Terry’s debut published novel, Refraction.

Category: Science Fiction, Fantasy, YA/Adult


Alex Waldron - What's Down There?

Alex Waldron is the writer and illustrator of the Fred & Woody’s Fantastic World series of books from Ruby Tuesday Books. Inspired by his sons, and the children he supports through the nursery care company he runs with his wife in Cornwall, Alex has created a series of accessible, engaging, fun books that will help parents, carers and teachers open up dialogue on conversations that can be perceived as difficult – but important - to broach including safety and consent, body confidence and awareness, bereavement and same-sex relationships. Alex’s work is inspired by nostalgia from his childhood; think the Goonies, in the land of Grizzly Adams, with the attitude of Bill and Ted. When not working, writing, drawing or looking after his sons, Alex can be found at the beach (although he’s also known to do all those things at the beach as well as surfing and paddleboarding!).

Category: Children's, Education, Parenting


Mandy Lancaster - Fred & Woody's Fantastic World

Mandy Lancaster has a professional background in sexual health, mental health and youth work. She is a consultant on the creation of the Fred & Wood's Fantastic World series, written by Alex Waldron, and published by Ruby Tuesday Books. Mandy is a relationships and sex education trainer at Public Health Cornwall. She is committed to breaking down the barriers that limit the conversations we have with our children about their emotional well-being, mental and sexual health. She passionately believes that our children and young people will have safer, healthier and happier lives if we enable them to talk about these areas of their lives with confidence and ease.

Category: Children's, Education, Parenting


DJ Lindsay

Douglas J Lindsay was born to the sea. His parents both came from sailor families and when his father went back to sea for the duration of the Second World War, his mother followed the ship to its new base at Scrabster on the Pentland Firth, Scotland where the author was born in 1941. His father sailed on the small coaster Drumlough, which the family owned. It ran as a supply ship for the fleet at Scapa Flow, operating up and down the east coast of the United Kingdom. Remarkably, from 1939 to 1945 it was never touched by enemy action. The family lived in a wooden shack on the Scrabster harbour wall and the author’s playground was the harbour and ships berthed there until 1945.

He has had a lifelong passion for writing. His first published piece, in 1965, was titled rather grandly Improvement of Navigation Lights and Signals published in the Journal of the Institute of Navigation. In the 1980s he attended creative writing classes run by John Fairfax and Sue Stewart, who founded the Arvon Foundation. He has written essays, short stories and poetry and many reports.

Category: War Story Fiction


Luciano Iorio - An Author On Trial

Luciano Iorio was born in Rome in 1937 and moved to London in 1971. In his native country he gained a music diploma and a degree in law. He decided to become a professional musician, and has enjoyed a long and distinguished international career. Since his retirement he has taken up pottery, and has spent five years researching and writing this book.

Category: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Family, History, Heritage, Publishing


Dr Tony Ortega - AreYouHereYet

Dr Tony Ortega is a first-generation Cuban American. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach, and author who has been in practice since 1992, currently serving the LGBTQ population in his private practice located in Brooklyn, New York.   

Tony combines cognitive behavioural techniques along with active coaching and metaphysical principles in his work with clients. He works with his clients within these three principles: Rewrite Your Story, Find Your Voice, and Live Authentically.


Category: Self-Help, Psychology, Relationships


Stuart Roberts - Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy

Growing up watching loved ones at the mercy of debilitating illnesses, Stuart became passionate about transforming people’s health, helping them attain boundless energy and maintain their fitness whatever their age. His first book, Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Healthy, targets people aged forty-plus who want to take responsibility for their health and fitness for life!

Being a Fire Fighter for thirty years Stuart was lucky to have a job that required him to keep physically fit. Early on his career he qualified as a Fire Service Physical Training Instructor and did this for 25 years, until he retired early!

Stuart studied at the highly respected Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London for three years, before qualifying as a naturopathic nutritionist in 2003 - after a further three years of study - at Plaskett College. His methods are based on the importance of making changes that are easy to implement, sustainable over the longer term and that fit into busy lives without denying people the pleasure of their favourite foods. 

In 2004, Stuart built on his experience supporting Fire Fighters with their fitness and qualified as a Coach and Instructor in a completely new and revolutionary exercise program developed for athletes which could be adapted and used by anyone. He learned from mentors who changed what he thought was possible with respect to health and fitness at middle age and beyond.  

Category: Self-Help, Health, Fitness, Nutrition


Gen Alpha-Z

Abiola Bello is a 30-year-old author who was born and raised in London, where she still lives and works. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight - she fought monsters and dragons on a daily basis – and experienced her first taste of ‘being published’ after winning a school poetry competition at the age of 12. Seeing her words in print fuelled a passion for writing that remains to this day. Abiola Bello first began writing the Emily Knight saga shortly afterwards (still only 12 years old!) with the intention of filling the gaping hole in children’s fiction for an inspirational, strong, black female, young protagonist. This gap, 18 years later, remains in the publishing world despite continued calls for more BAME background authors and diversity within characters and plotlines.

Abiola Bello is regularly called to talk at literary events and within the media, she has appeared in Female First Magazine, The Mirror, BBC1XTRA to name a few. Her latest novel, Emily Knight I Am…Awakened was Carnegie nominated in 2019 and is currently a London’s BIG Read Finalist (2019).

Category: Short Stories, Anthology, Children, YA, Teens


Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones

Esther Ramsay-Jones lectures on ‘Death, Dying and Bereavement’ at the Open University.  She has presented her work at various locations around the world and her papers have been published in academic journals and anthologies.  She practises as a specialist psychotherapist in palliative care, working with people with long-term conditions and their families. Esther also works in a counselling service for older adults, presenting with a range of difficulties and does some tutoring on London-based counselling courses.

She is the mother to two young children, who in some ways were the catalyst for her doctoral research and subsequent writing on care and dependency. She has worked at the coal-face of frontline care for older people, and those with dementia, and has direct experience of the impact of dementia and terminal illness.

Beyond her work and home life, Esther loves to travel, to write, to swim, run, do yoga and enjoy time with family and good friends.

Category: Dementia, Caring, Health, Family, Death, Psychotherapy


Georgia Varjas

Erudite, edgy and elegant, Georgia Varjas is a passionate, multi-skilled artist with a unique talent for creating provocative prose that stimulates reflection and change. 

Georgia is a speaker, writer and performer. 

With a lifelong passion for music and words, Georgia made the stage her professional home as a saxophonist, playwright, performance poet and speaker, touring Europe with bands and winning Poetry Slam Contests in both the UK and US.
Georgia's love of language and feisty, charismatic personality are the perfect catalysts for her writing, which unapologetically illuminates current affairs and injustice in a way that arouses a desire to step up, stand out and create transformation.

Georgia was born in North London and now lives in Murcia, Spain, but regularly returns to England.

Category: Practical/motivational, self help, mind/body/spirit, non-fiction current affairs


Neill David Watson

Nicknamed “Gym Boy” by friends when he was 19 due to his dedication to training and personal fitness development at University, Neill now has over 20 years of knowledge balancing, unbalancing and rebalancing strength, fitness and health with a demanding, challenging career and personal life.  

A qualified Personal Trainer and entrepreneur at his core, Neill has built a career in new ventures, creative technology and corporate start-up, including working with major organisations including Virgin Money, Warner Bros, and Shanghai Media Group. 

Through this journey Neill has had to find ways to optimise fitness and nutrition techniques to fit in progression and recovery alongside demanding (mostly sedentary) work hours and pressures.  Now a founder and Director at boutique consultancy, Bigger Brother, Neill wrote The Lean Exec during his time at Virgin Money to share his fitness challenges, mistakes, learnings and solutions - to help other people with busy careers and family lives, cut to the benefits faster and find the balance they want to achieve with fitness, strength and health alongside their everyday life.

Category: Health, Fitness, Business


John-Paul Davies

John-Paul Davies is an experienced and accredited psycho-therapist and counsellor running busy private practices in both London and Surrey. He specialises in working with adults experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, stress management, depression, addictions and compulsions, co-dependence, lack of meaning and purpose, narcissism, issues around sex and sexuality, and lack of self-esteem and confidence. Prior to training as a therapist, John-Paul worked as a solicitor in large private practices in the City of London for over 10 years.

Distilling and integrating psychotherapeutic and psychological theories and neuroscience, as well as the lessons John-Paul learned in his own personal journey from stressed City solicitor to contented psychotherapist, this book is the result of years of working successfully with a wide range of clients. Finding A Balanced Connection isn’t a psychotherapy book as such; it’s what John-Paul wished he’d known decades ago and wants you to know now...

Category: Self-Help, Psychology, Motivational


Hedley Rees - Taming the Big Pharma Monster

The pharmaceutical industry is in meltdown. We constantly hear of eye watering drug prices, shortages, litigation over damaging side effects, dodgy marketing practices, economic adulteration, consent decrees, counterfeiting, patent games, price gouging, and much, much more... How can this be right? The short answer is, it's not.

But, how did it get to this? What can be done about it? This book answers those questions. Pharma got in this state because pharmaceutical companies were seduced by science, twice. Firstly, by the myth that is penicillin, and secondly, by a battle between two stomach ulcer drugs in the 1980s. Those seductions led the industry to believe the route to riches lay in patenting molecules, and clever sales and marketing. The result is what we see today, marketing muscle-pushing brands on healthcare professionals, and patent law suits between already rich pharma behemoths arguing over their share of the spoils.

Whilst this is not the first time this has been said - there are so many books knocking the industry - none offer a solution to the problems.... Until now; and it is a very simple solution. We should stop believing medicines are different to all other products on sale in the market, because they are not. Yes, science is an important component in bringing a medicine to the world, but it takes a healthy dose of engineering skills to get them there too, and the application of those skills is sadly lacking in pharma. The system for producing and supplying a medicine to market should be no different to an aero-engine, automobile or silicon chip.

There is no sign of pharma getting this message any time soon. So, this book is for them, and anyone else with an interest in radical transformation in pharma.

Category: Non-Fiction, Medicine, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals


Sara Liyanage - Ticking Off Breast Cancer

Sara was diagnosed with HER2 positive and oestrogen positive primary breast cancer in October 2016 at the age of forty-two. Not ever expecting to be diagnosed with breast cancer and having to deal with the impact that cancer can have on an already busy life (one involving a juggling motherhood, working and everything else that a forty-something year old woman has to fit in her life) Sara decided to use her experience to help others who were going through the same thing.

Towards the end of her treatment, Sara set up her website,, and wrote this book of the same name. With the book and the website, Sara has created something that will support and encourage others throughout their breast cancer treatment and beyond.

Sara lives in Hertfordshire with her husband of fifteen years, their two children and a dog who likes to eat socks. Sara works part-time in London as an insurance lawyer but now spends a lot of her time writing. She writes for her website and for various cancer charities and organisations.

Category: Health, Illness, Non-Fiction


Allie Cashel - Lyme Disease

Allie Cashel BA is the author of Suffering the Silence: Chronic Lyme disease in an Age of Denial (North Atlantic Books) and the co-founder and president of Suffering the Silence. Since starting work with STS, Allie has been invited to speak at events around the US and beyond, ranging from private fundraisers, to medical schools, to bookstores and support groups. Highlights include: an appearance on Good Day NY (Fox5), a presentation at a United States Congressional Forum and her facilitation of workshops on disability, inclusion and storytelling around the country. Allie is a member of the Young Leaders Council of the Global Lyme Alliance.

Category: Health, Medicine, Illness, Non-Fiction


Bernard Raxlen - Lyme Disease

Dr Bernard Raxlen MD specialises in neuropsychiatry and neurocognitive complications. Over the past 30 years, he has successfully treated over 6500 cases of tick-borne disease and today over 90% of his practice is devoted to chronic Lyme disease (CLD) and co-infections. He was an original member and co-founder of AIMS (Academy for Integrated Medical Studies) and served for several years on the Board of Directors of the Omega Institute. He is founding member and secretary of the board of governors of ILADS (the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society) and is serving as the chairman of its Ethics Committee. He was awarded the Humanitarian Award by the Turn the Corner Foundation, and has been a featured speaker in more than 40 workshops over the years on topics ranging from psychiatry, drug abuse, psychoneuroimmunology and tick-borne diseases as well as on US national television (ABC, NBC, Fox, Discovery) discussing medical concerns pertaining to TBD and Lyme disease.

Category: Health, Medicine, Illness, Non-Fiction


Jerry Bradley - The Candy Man

Jerry Bradley started writing when his wife of 29 years, Irene, became seriously ill. Jerry became her full-time carer until she lost her battle with dementia three years later, in 2015. At first, Jerry started writing because he was determined to have a log of his memories, his experiences, his thoughts and his life stories. If he ever became ill like his wife, Jerry wanted to be able to read a book about his life, every day, to try to keep the memories alive. The Candy Man started, as most novels do, as a small idea that turned into a huge story. This is not a tale of romance or dementia, it’s a gritty, adult insight into the underbelly of drugs, addiction, crime and gangs – something that still takes some of Jerry and his late wife, Irene’s, friends by surprise!

Jerry continues to fuel his passion for writing and storytelling, and tends to write most at night, into the early hours, but he still finds time for his family and friends, martial arts, keeping fit and playing golf. Jerry lives in Lindfield, Sussex.

Category: Fiction, Crime, Gangster


Lotte Moore - Balloon Fun

Lotte Moore is the best-selling author of Lotte’s War, which reached number one in the charts after its release on Remembrance Day 2016. Lotte dedicates her time, free of charge, every week, to read her stories to children in pre-schools and primary schools, and she’s particularly busy around World Book Day and Remembrance Day. She has travelled throughout the United Kingdom and her World War Two presentation plus rationing table (showing the children how little food was allocated per person during the War) are hugely popular with children and teachers.

Lotte Moore’s other illustrated children’s stories include The Invisible Elephant, The Dinosaur Who Ate A Piano and The Teaspoon Family. As a child, Lotte lived in Kent with her parents who enjoyed entertaining, political debate and literary discussion with the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, H E Bates, W H Auden and Benjamin Britten. Lotte married her loyal husband Chris (who continues to support Lotte by typing out her hand-written stories) and has two grown-up daughters who now have their own children.

Category: Young Readers, Children's Picture Book


Barbara Angela Kealy - Double Deception

London born, with an Irish father and Italian mother, Barbara Angela Kealy was the fourth of seven children. Together with her sister Sandra, she attended the local dance school from an early age, loving the opportunity to perform on stage to the public. She left home as a teenager to follow the American dream – becoming an au pair for a wealthy family in New York before moving on to work for a bank in Wall Street. Years later, she returned to London and her love of performance, joining the Lissenden Players, as a performing artist and eventually becoming secretary. Barbara continues to be part of the popular Lissenden Players.

In XXXX, Barbara signed to a talent agency in London, and since then has worked as a lookalike for the iconic actress, Dame Joan Collins, travelling around the UK and Europe. She lives in London, and is married with a stepdaughter, Louise.

Category: Fiction, Showbusiness, Entertainment


Nikki Vallance - Pivotal

Nikki Vallance is a writer and coach who works with others to unlock their writing talents. She runs coaching programs and one to one sessions to help aspiring writers achieve their goals.

She began writing ‘Pivotal’ nine years ago, whilst still working in her recruitment career, following a flash of inspiration in a session with her own coach. She has given talks and presentations on her writing process and career.

‘Pivotal’ looks at the multiple paths a life may take at the crossroads of each significant decision. Nikki is fascinated by what makes us who we are and how much control we have over our destiny, and interviewed a number of hypnotherapists in researching the book.

Nikki is married with her own blended family of five children. Although a beginner, she’s a big fan of Argentine Tango, which she hopes to dance in Buenos Aires one day.

Category: Women's Fiction, Relationships, Fiction


Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu

Vese Aghoghovbia Aladewolu, 31, was born in Lagos, Nigeria where she lived until the age of 15, when she moved to England to study her A-levels in Bristol and on to Imperial College London, where she graduated with a Master of Engineering degree. Following the birth of her daughter 18 months ago, Vese began to explore her passion for building confidence in children.

Vese loves writing and sees it as an avenue to uplift, encourage and challenge young people. Her goal is to empower the next generation to love and believe in themselves. This has led her to the launching of Philly & Friends, a contemporary children's brand with the purpose of helping underprivileged children around the world. She is a founding member of the Aghoghovbia Foundation, set up to empower the girl child and Inspiring Role Models, a social enterprise dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams. 

Vese lives with her husband, 18 month old and newborn babies, in Essex. 

Category: Children's, Picture Books, Self-Esteem


Dexter Moscow

Whilst he started his career in advertising, today Dexter Moscow is a Keynote Speaker, Influencing Skills Coach and TV Presenter. A passion for people and a desire for results led Dexter to the role of senior trainer at QVC, where he coached business owners on how to successfully sell their products to an invisible audience. 

Roles ranging from Sales Director to Equity Partner; Head of Training to Business Owner taught Dexter many valuable lessons. Leading him to understand his client’s problems enabling Dexter to help them deliver business-winning pitches, presentations and control their prospecting conversations. This and myriad training methodologies that have been put to the test over decades inform Dexter's unique approach to coaching helping others to gain the most when communicating with colleagues, teams, clients and customers.

Dexter today works with a diverse range of high-level clients and his first book, Stand Up & Sell, shows people how to become more persuasive and influential, when it really matters.

Dexter is married with two children, and grandchildren, and lives in London.

Category: Business, Sales, Entrepreneur, Personal Development, Skills


Bryony Supper - Pasta Kidz

Bryony Supper, the creator of Pasta Kidz, trained as a professional actress at the Drama Studio, Ealing. From there she went playing a series of comedy roles and has a wide range of experience from the ‘Rocky Horror Show’ to stand-up comedy and children’s television – Bryony was a regular on Tyne Tees´ Gimmee Five with Ant and Dec, writing all her own material.

For the past three years, Bryony has been working on her series of 25 children's books, The Pasta Kidz and Pasta Petz adventure stories. 

In Book 1 she created a Pastaball for her characters to play with, and is proud to say it has been made into an actual game! This will be played for the first time in a primary school in Kent, using a real Pastaball which was made for her by Gilbert!

An East Midlands-born project, Bryony is partnered with When You Wish Upon a Star charity, Nottingham Forest FC, and more. Her Pasta Language has been a great hit in local schools and ultimately, Bryony's aim is to raise money to help children with life-threatening illnesses.

Category: Children's, Picture Books


Theo A Michaels - Orexi

Theo Michaels was born in London but comes from a large Greek Cypriot family. After competing in BBC television’s MasterChef UK in 2014, he opened his first pop-up restaurant which was a sell-out success and he has continued to cook professionally. He has written three cookbooks, writes a weekly food column and has appeared numerous times on ITV’s This Morning, The Food Network and Sky TV. He can also occasionally be heard telling bad jokes about good food on BBC Radio.

Category: Cookery, Recipes, Greece, Cyprus


Susan Scott - Life Force

MSc, FCIPD, FISMA, MABP, MBANT, Dip ION (Distinction)

Susan is a business psychologist, a nutritional therapist, a trainer, a consultant and a coach, as well as a public speaker and the author of the best-selling books “How to have an outstanding career” and “How to Prevent Burnout”.

She has worked extensively in the Information Technology, Management Consultancy, Finance, Legal and Charity sectors and has designed and delivered major change management projects and management, leadership and wellbeing programmes for numerous private and public sector organisations across the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia. In tandem with consulting work, Susan ran a nutritional therapy clinic for executives experiencing burnout.

Susan brings a blended mind and body approach to her work. She believes passionately that everyone deserves to work in ways that foster their resilience, performance and careers.

Susan has an MSc in Organisational Behaviour from the University of London, a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (Distinction) from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is registered with The Nutritional Therapy Council.

She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association. She is also a Principal Member of the Association for Business Psychology and a Member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and is registered with the Nutritional Therapy Council. She is a past Chair of the Trustees of the International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK) and is the co-author of “The Manager’s Role in Stress Prevention.”

Category: Self-Help, Nutrition, Energy, Psychology, Sleep, Health


Carolyn Shanti - Trap, Prey, Lust

Carolyn Shanti is the author of ‘Trap, Prey, Lust’. A new novel based on the true story of her own childhood, where she was brought up in a wealthy and privileged family in England. Carolyn spent her childhood years in a secluded and idyllic mansion, surrounded by acres of private property. It was also a place of dark shadows and sexual secrets.

Her father, a prominent businessman in the fashion industry was a member of a notorious occult society. As a young child, Carolyn suffered ritual sexual abuse and was raped, not only by her own father, but members of the society. She was ‘groomed’ and mind control techniques were used to work against her remembering the abuse or the perpetrators of these acts of violence.  

It was on a trip to India in 2013, that Carolyn started to have memories of the abuse; she was so unwell that she sought the help of Dr Rajan Sankaran, a renowned holistic physician, homeopath, and international speaker. In gratitude for his help, she has dedicated her book to him. For four years she was under his care at his clinic in Mumbai and has now almost completed her healing and is back living in the UK. It has been a long and arduous journey.

In ‘Trap, Prey, Lust', Carolyn has narrated her own story of childhood abuse in the form of fiction. Her wish in publishing this book is to demonstrate the seriousness of the issues that we face in the sexual abuse of women and children, the cults and secret societies that support these crimes, and the cultures that often condone these practices.

Category: Fiction


Lynn Crilly - Hope with Eating Disorders

Lynn Crilly became a counsellor when one of her beautiful daughters fell into the evil trap of Anorexia Nervosa and OCD, at the age of 13. Lynn explored every avenue and source of help, but they were not right for her daughter or them as a family.

Watching her daughter disappear before her eyes, and the huge impact it was having on the rest of her family, especially her twin sister, Lynn felt she had no option but to educate herself and learn as much as she could about eating disorders and mental illness. Some years on, a lot of hard work, determination and many tears shed, and with the unconditional support from close family, friends, our GP and their school, their beautiful girl is now recovered, enjoying life to the full and Lynn's family are stronger than ever together.

With her new found knowledge, personal experience and most of all her passion and love; Lynn has been able to use her gift to help others.

Lynn Crilly lives in Surrey with her husband and their twin daughters. Through using her unique and very effective form of counselling she has now established herself as one of the country's leading private therapists, working with people from all walks of life, ages and genders. She is admired for her passion and understanding - something she attributes to the strength and loyalty of her family and friends, with whom she spends as much time as possible.

Category: Health, Mental Health, Self-Help, Family


A Wedding in the Family: Mothers Tell Their Stories of Joy, Conflict and Loss

Annette Byford grew up in Germany where she taught at a secondary school before going on to study psychology and train as a psychodynamic psychotherapist in the UK. For the past 25 years, she has worked as a psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice and as a lecturer and supervisor in various settings (university, NHS and the voluntary sector). She is a chartered counselling psychologist and a senior practitioner on the Register of Psychologists specialising in Psychotherapy. She has recently published a paper in the British Journal of Psychotherapy on bilingualism in psychoanalytic psychotherapy (Lost and Gained in Translation: the impact of bilingual clients’ choice of language in psychotherapy BJP vol 31:3, 2015).

She lives in Southampton, is married with has two adult children, including a daughter who got married a couple of years ago.

Category: Cultural studies, Psychology, Weddings, Families, Relationships


Richard Shaw - Conquer Type 2 Diabetes

How a Fat Middle-Aged Man Lost 31 Kilos and Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

"When I first got my type 2 diagnosis I was told it was a ‘lifelong’ condition and I’d probably be on the pills for life. I assumed it was a progressive illness with no chance of remission – so what was the point of doing anything about it? But after several years of just taking the pills I rebelled and became my own lab-rat. Over five months I dropped 31 kg (a quarter of my body weight) in an attempt to get rid of the internal fat that was compromising my natural insulin function. And it worked! No more meds. Normal blood glucose scores, normal blood pressure, normal total cholesterol levels and normal triglyceride scores.

"I did it by completely ignoring the public health dietary advice that encourages us to eat plenty of starchy carbohydrates and low-fat foods. The five principles that dominated my approach to dealing with my diagnosis were to:

Cut out as many carbohydrates as possible – that means no potatoes, cereals, pasta, biscuits, cakes, bread or rice at all for the entire period of the diet.

Get rid of all refined sugars

Limit daily calorie intake in the short-term through portion control.

Increase average daily water consumption...

and moderately increase my levels of daily physical activity.

This is the story of a journey to recovery. If you want to understand how to combat this disease – and change your lifestyle for good – CONQUER TYPE 2 DIABETES reveals the key steps to follow. The book includes a simple, straightforward action plan, a host of tips and tricks for managing a weight-loss regime and 40 delicious, low-carb recipes for food lovers.

Category: Health, Fitness, Food, Recipes


Claire Handscombe - Unscripted

Claire Handscombe is a British writer who grew up in London, Brussels, and Suffolk. After she finished high school, she took a year out to work for a church in Guernsey, then went on to Cambridge, where she studied French and Spanish at King’s College.

Though she wrote prolifically as a child, she did so in French, her mother tongue. After she moved back to the UK at the age of 12, she found herself increasingly thinking in English, and with her gradual loss of French came the loss of writing as a creative outlet.

When, by chance, in her late twenties, she started watching The West Wing on a friend’s computer, she fell in love with the series, and Aaron Sorkin’s mastery of language sparked a visceral love of English in her and reignited her desire to write. It also reawakened her political zeal and made her curious to visit the USA in general and Washington, DC, in particular. She was able to do in 2009, and she was enchanted by the city and became determined to move there – which she did, in 2012, when she began an MFA in Creative Writing at American University. She has lived there since then, having been deemed an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” by the Government and awarded the relevant visa after finishing her studies.

She remains an avid fan of The West Wing and an active member of its community of devotees. She has met any of the cast, self-published an anthology in 2016 entitled Walk With Us: How The West Wing Changed Our Lives, and helped organise the first ever gathering of fans of the show, The West Wing Weekend, which took place in the DC area in 2018.

To date, she has written five novels, of which Unscripted is the third, and the first to be published. She was recently longlisted for the Bath Novel Award for another. Her journalism, poetry, and essays have appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Bustle, Writing Magazine, and the Washington Post. She writes regularly for Book Riot, a major publishing website in the USA, and hosts the Brit Lit Podcast, a fortnightly show of news and views from British books and publishing.

Category: Women's Fiction


Richard Dikstra - Tigeropolis Caught in the Trap

Richard is passionate about travel and wildlife having visited all seven continents and some 40-plus countries. His interest in wildlife started on a week-long trip on a cabin cruiser in Alaska’s Inside Passage surrounded by humpback and orca whales. Since that first trip he has, amongst other things, trekked in China in search of pandas, sat with mountain gorillas, camped out in the Canadian tundra watching polar bears, helped save a wounded water buffalo in Swaziland and visited nomadic reindeer herders in Russian’s Chukotka Peninsula.

He has had a wide-ranging career, working both here in the UK and in Hong Kong, and is naturally curious about the world. He has worked across telecommunications, broadcasting, digital video effects and publishing. He has founded and run businesses and acted as a Non Exec, and as a mentor, in fields as diverse as travel, 3D imaging and medical devices.

He has worked on projects for Hollywood feature films and was involved in the legacy aspects of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

A keen traveler and wildlife enthusiast, he helped found pioneering travel company Discovery Initiatives, and since 2000 he has been a shareholder and Non-Executive Director of specialist luxury travel operator Steppes Group. In 2010 he produced the First TOFT Tiger Tourism Awards in Delhi - the event is now an established feature in the tiger conservation calendar - and a year later, in 2011, Richard helped set up citizen science site ‘Tiger Nation’.

He wrote the first Tigeropolis book in 2015, inspired by his first ever sighting of a tiger in the wild. The second book was published the following year. The audio book of Tigeropolis is narrated by Richard E Grant and Belle Media produced a tie-in Tigeropolis video game, available on Apple TV and iTunes. Richard also found time to write a lively comic strip series for Hull City football club (‘Tigers’), based on his Tigeropolis characters.

In 2017 he co-wrote the first of a picture book series with business partner Kay Hutchison. The Adventures of Captain Bobo is set on the Clyde and has proved popular in Scotland.

He is a voting member of BAFTA and a member of the Society of Author.

Category: Children's, Animals, Conservation, Middle Grade


Mick Timpson - Making Happy Work

Mick Timpson is a senior meditation and yoga teacher. He is a writer, university lecturer, award-winning artist and architect. Mick is the founder and CEO of beanddo, a company focused on delivering modern meditation training to help people, communities, organisations and businesses thrive. He has designed the beanddo programmes and leads many of the courses.

Mick has taught design and led teaching studios in many schools of architecture. He has also managed a number of commercial architecture studios, including his own practice. He is an experienced speaker on the subjects of architecture, creativity and wellbeing. Mick has also taught yoga, meditation and wellbeing to countless students. The origin of beanddo can be traced back to when Mick realised that he had been talking about the same thing to each audience – how a simple change of perspective allied with a knowing stillness and presence can empower one’s innate sense of wellbeing and joy, flow, creativity and happiness. One can, with practice, learn to Make Happy Work.

Category: Self-help, meditation, yoga, health, wellbeing, mindfulness


Mrs Bun the Baker

Angela Johnson AKA Mrs Bun the Baker has baked for as long as she can remember. As she got older she would make her own recipe books with favourite recipes, which she still has, and her house at University always smelt of baking! Growing up in a family that loved baking, she decided to continue her love of food by studying, food and catering at University. Angela then became a teacher and worked at secondary schools for nearly 20 years as a teacher of food technology, having attained outstanding GCSE grades through her teaching.

Five years ago, Angela established her award-winning cooking school in South Oxfordshire to teach cooking skills to all. In cooking classes children get to “Make, Bake and Take home” all their goodies, gaining confidence and inspiring them to bake at home. Mrs Bun the Baker works with schools, nurseries, charities, communities, garden centres, food festivals and her own independent classes for toddlers, children, teens and families. 

Category: Cooking, Recipes, Children's Interests, Family


John-Paul Jordan - Joys of War

Ex-Special Forces, John-Paul Jordan is an author and recovery consultant. His first book was a self-help guide inspired by his own incredible experiences – How To Stop Taking Drugs in 30 Days: A Simple and Daring Plan – which launched in September 2017 as an eBook. John-Paul is a former Legionnaire with the French Foreign Legion, after which he joined the British Armed Forces, serving in operations in Afghanistan where he awarded for his actions in combat. Following his military service, John-Paul worked for international media organisation in warzones clandestinely moving journalists in and out of some of the world most dangerous hotspots, before heading up logistics for a mining company in Afghanistan and training local forces.

John-Paul also assisted Primark, the international retail giant, in the disaster relief operations in the aftermath of the biggest modern-day industrial accident Dhaka Bangladesh, when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed. His personal injuries from war took their toll with the effects of physical injury and non-visible injuries, PTSD. As part of his own recovery he wrote about his experience to share his story with others and liberate himself from the stigma of PTSD and mental health issues – or what he terms non-visible injuries… because that’s what they are: an injury to be treated like any other.

He has met some incredible people from all walks of life – veterans and non-veterans alike – and one thing he is sure of is that you don’t have to have been to war to be at war.

John-Paul’s mission is to help everyone facing an inner challenge to find their way to freedom. To start the conversation. Remove the stigma and live in the solution not the problem. He has been working closely with the charity Mind, including advising on the set of a national television programme, sharing his experiences of injuries from war.

Category: Memoir, Military, History, War


James McIntosh - Knit and Nibble

James, a life-loving farmer’s son from Northern Ireland, who lives in Peckham, London had a successful global business, travelling the world for clients in the food world. A winner of many global awards, James wrote and presented cooking books for clients including AGA, Rangemaster and China Food TV. James was honoured for his work in 2012 by Farmers’ Weekly magazine when named ‘an ambassador for British Food’. He is the first ever Westerner to receive the Chinese TV and Radio award (Chinese equivalent to a BAFTA) for his TV series. At the height of his television career in China, James’ programme attracted more than 100 million viewers. 

All of this, and more, fell by the wayside when, at the age of 35, James suffered a severe depressive episode. Confined to his bed for a year, James struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and constant sadness. During this time, James learnt to knit and together with Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP, James learnt to rebuild his life and mind through knitting. ‘Knit and Nibble’ is James’ new book which won the gourmand World Cookbook Award for the most innovative cookbook in the world. Now aged 40, James is the picture of health and vitality and credits it all to the mindful benefits of knitting.

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Dr Thomas A. Ernst

Dr Thomas A. Ernst FRCP is a senior consultant general physician in a large London teaching hospital. He has a specialist interest in the use of mindfulness-based interventions in the complementary management of chronic medical illness. He focuses on improving patients’ symptoms and wellbeing by teaching bespoke mindfulness-based strategies.

Dr Ernst trained at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and qualified in 1993. He worked as a trainee Doctor in the UK from 1994 to 2005 and subsequently as a Consultant Physician and Geriatrician. He has extensive experience in the management of chronic medical illness and “blackouts and funny turns.” Dr Ernst lives with his partner James McIntosh and together they have developed the mindful concept of “knititation” together, which is introduced in their new book, ‘Knit and Nibble’.

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Philip Beicken

Philip Beicken was born in Galway, Ireland but moved to England when he was 6 months old. He lives in West Sussex with his wife and two children and spends most of time clearing up the mess made by the growing number of animals his daughter adopts. Included in that list are three kittens named Molly, Marley and Bear, who like nothing more than chasing every leaf, butterfly and frog in the garden.

Even at an early age, Philip enjoyed creating fast paced, light-hearted stories filled with heroes, heroines and villains. His love of all sports, especially tennis and badminton, keeps him active for large spells during the week. When he's not writing, he runs his own business as a 360 videographer, which has enabled him to film in the USA and Europe.

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Iida van der Byl-Knoefel - A Kitchen Fairytale

Iida van der Byl-Knoefel was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis at the age of 33. She was told that it was a chronic disease and that she would need to be on medication for the rest of her life; however, she was able to reverse the symptoms of the condition with a plant-based diet through the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis and has been drug and pain free since August 2015. 

Iida collected the recipes that helped her heal from the condition and the result is the cookbook 'A Kitchen Fairytale'. She inspires others to cook more plant-based through her social media channels, with a worldwide following.  

She was also able to have a drug and pain free pregnancy and had a baby boy in August 2017, and has been breastfeeding him all along, since she is not on any medication. Iida lives in Surrey with her family. 

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Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson - The Infection Game

Dr Sarah Myhill MB BS qualified in medicine (with Honors) from Middlesex Hospital Medical School in England in 1981 and has since focused tirelessly on identifying and treating the underlying causes of health problems, especially the ‘diseases of civilisation’ with which we are beset in the West. She has worked in the NHS since 1981 and full time private practice since 2000. 

For 17 years Dr Myhill was the Hon. Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, which focuses on the causes of disease and treating through diet, supplements and avoiding toxic stress. She helps to run and lectures at the Society’s training courses and also lectures regularly on organophosphate poisoning, the problems of silicone, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Craig Robinson MA took a first in Mathematics at Oxford University in England in 1985. He then joined Price Waterhouse and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988, after which he worked as a lecturer in the private sector, and also in The City of London, primarily in Financial Sector Regulation roles. Craig first met Sarah in 2001, as a patient for the treatment of his CFS, and they have since developed a professional working relationship.

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Kim Rix - The Gemstone Detective

Kim Rix is a professional photographer and gemmologist (GIA). Based in London where she lives with her husband, Kim travels extensively and has gathered a vast amount of the best local knowledge from her world-wide contacts. Buying Gemstones and Jewels in Sri Lanka is Kim’s first book. Groups interested in arranging speaking engagements may contact the author via her website:

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Stephanie Nimmo - Goodbye Daisy

Stephanie Nimmo is a writer, journalist, campaigner and blogger. 

​Steph was born in Wales but has lived in London since 1990.

For nearly 10 years her blog Was this in the Plan? has shone a light on the world of disability, palliative care and end of life planning as she openly shares the details of her life caring for a life limited child, her husband’s diagnosis with terminal cancer and the death of both her husband and daughter just 13 months apart.

Her book Was this in the Plan? was published by Hashtag Press last year, it’s a memoir about living and dying well.

She speaks regularly on the importance of having open conversations around death and dying in order to be able to focus on making the most of our finite time. 

Steph has written for the BMJ, Marie Claire, The Guardian, The Pool, The Independent and Mumsnet and works closely with the Palliative Care team at Great Ormond Street to train medical professionals.  She is also involved with the work of the children’s palliative care charity Together for Short Lives campaigning to raise awareness of the the importance of well funded paediatric palliative care.

When not writing and campaigning Steph escapes from the challenges of parenting three teenagers by running marathons and swimming in lakes.

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David Freed - Dads Don't Babysit

David Freed is a successful dad blogger who writes about sharing parenting on his blog Dad's Turn: Raising Little Bear ( A social scientist by background, he was one of the first dads in the UK to take half a year of Shared Parental Leave, sharing responsibility for his son equally with his wife. Whilst doing so, he developed first-hand experience of how great it can be being the lead parent, but how despite some small progress in recent years, he is still out of place as a dad in a week-day world of mums. He now works part-time to look after his son during the week.

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James Millar - Dads Don't Babysit

James Millar is a father and went part-time in 2014 whilst a Westminster journalist. He's blogged about that experience and the way people treated him at the time - the suspicion that he lacked ambition because he was taking time to look after his child. James has been a journalist for more than 20 years and published 'The Gender Agenda' with his partner in summer 2017. Dads Don't Babysit grew out of that book. 

He says: "One of the surprising lessons I learned from that book was that boys/men are a big part of squaring the feminist circle and achieving equality. The book focused on the ways children are gendered by society and by books, TV shows etc, and that has fed into the new book, looking at where boys get their role models from i.e. lots of fathers of television are useless such as Homer Simpson!" 

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Clare Hogan - The Alchemy of Performance Anxiety

Growing up on a farm belonging to a religious order of Cistercian nuns, Clare Hogan was raised in an intensely religious household with her parents and siblings. She was educated at a strict Catholic school where fear, guilt and humiliation were part of the curriculum and from an early age was on medication for anxiety and behavioural issues.

At the age of nine her father died, prompting a catalogue of traumatic experiences including her mother’s relationship with an older woman who disliked and resented the children. At the age of 15, Clare was admitted to a psychiatric hospital where she stayed for over three years. At 18 she realised that formal education was her only hope and within a year (at the hospital) she passed O Levels, started singing lessons and successfully auditioned for the Winchester College of Art and Music. From there she went on to study at The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) where she enjoyed a life of freedom, independence and growth. This was disrupted during her first year when her mother died suddenly. She had to return to the farm in Dorset and became the legal guardian to her younger brother.

Eventually, they both returned to Manchester so that she could complete her degree. These were challenging years during which she was usually in therapy, on medication and highly anxious about the future. After graduating from the RNCM, Clare went on to do postgraduate research in music analysis and psychology. Having received many years of mostly Jungian psychotherapy, and having been drawn to Buddhism and metaphysical law since adolescence, she later began the systematic application of alchemical principles and thought which, together with a meditation practice and the acceptance that personal responsibility for causes provides the only control that there can be for effects, transformation was a welcome inevitability.

Clare teaches at the University of Salford in England at Masters and undergraduate level. Her subject is primarily the Psychology of Performance. She also teaches meditation, counsels students with anxiety issues and teaches individual vocal technique.

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Neeta Oza

Neeta Oza is a Yoga and Pilates instructor, blogger, and all-round health, fitness and wellbeing lover.

In her mid-20s, Neeta volunteered for MIND, and to give back from her amazing experience, decided to give 50% of every book purchased back to the charity.

She also vowed at 25 years old during a Saturday night Chinese meal with friends, to stay in the best physical shape once she reached 40; and ever since has been trying to stay in the best mental shape too.

A fourteen-minute Law of Attraction YouTube clip changed her life for the better in 2016; led her to viewing multiple motivational speakers, and also led her to writing this book: My Mini-Micro Mindset Manual is due for release by Hashtag Press in January 2019

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Angela Dyson - The Love Detective

Angela Dyson ditched her London life and downsized her home to move to the sticks in Surrey, to follow her dream to become a professional author. She loves to write but to pay the bills (Angela soon discovered that utility companies, bank managers and landlords aren’t known for their generosity and understanding natures,) she had to squeeze the writing in with working for a living. Some of the jobs to which she only gave half her attention have included working for a recording studio and a record label, running a building maintenance company where pretty much the only upside was getting to boss a lot of men about all day, doing a bit of plus size modelling (strictly clothes on) and, for one memorable summer, making a living reading palms on a Greek Island.

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Zhou Erliu

Zhou Erliu was born in Shanghai at the end of 1929 and was educated at Nankai University, Tianjin. He was director of the Centre for Sociological Research and Development Studies of China, vice president of Beijing University, cultural counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in the UK and an adviser, as well as a researcher, at the Zhou Enlai Study Centre, Nankai University. He also held posts at director level in the International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the cultural ministry and the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. After China’s reform and opening–up to the outside world, Erliu published several books on social science and various other articles. In the 1980s, he was chief editor of A Study on Urban-Rural Coordinated Development, which was a key research topic for China’s philosophical and social science studies during the Seventh Five-Year Plan. 

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Jessica Taylor-Bearman

Jessica Taylor-Bearman was born in March 1991, at Maidstone Hospital in England. She grew up in Rochester and Canterbury, Kent, where she attended Rochester Grammar School for Girls. At the age of 15, she became acutely unwell with an illness called M.E. She was continuously hospitalised from 2006 to 2010, suffering with the most severe form of the condition. This included her being bedridden, unable to move, speak, eat and more. She began to write in her mind, and when finally able to speak again, she began to write through her audio diary 'Bug'. In 2009, Jessica began to teach herself to paint through the movement of laughter. She realised that through balancing a paintbrush in her hand, laughter caused it to move, creating a new form of art that she called a 'Laugh-O-Gram'. Her first collection was exhibited in the Canterbury Art Festival 2009. All her pieces have been exhibited since then. In 2010, whilst still in hospital, she founded a charity called Share a Star, to help seriously unwell youngsters. It is now a registered charity that she continues to run. Since she left hospital, Jessica's journey with severe M.E. has continued to be very challenging. She is currently still mostly bedridden, twelve years after it began. She writes a blog called The World of One Room and made a YouTube video of the same name that has reached tens of thousands of people in multiple countries. In 2017 she married her soulmate Samuel and walked down the aisle. They live together in Kent.

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Annie Boate

Annie Boate is a highly qualified corporate coach and former teacher who’s shaken up the coaching profession. Her background includes various school leadership roles, working with young offenders and successfully coaching everyone from top executives in large international companies to outstanding headteachers and some of the most challenging learners.

As a full-time professional coach in schools, Annie’s expertise is second to none, and her knowledge and enthusiasm instantly mark her out as being different. Spend a few minutes with her and you’ll leave buzzing with practical, down-to-earth tools and ideas to use immediately. Annie spent 18 years learning from some of the best coaches in the world, developing a new, clever way of coaching for busy people in schools. This unique coaching system has been tested worldwide by new and experienced coaches, school leaders, teachers and support staff, and is proven to consistently out-perform all other models. Annie’s work has been show-cased on television and is frequently described as “life-changing” and “transformational.

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A Brighter Future - Everlief Child Psychology

Introducing the Everlief Child Psychology team of authors: 

1.             Anxiety - Dr Susan Wimshurst, clinical psychologist

2.             Friendships and bullying - Dr Liz Dawes, clinical psychologist

3.             Confidence and self-esteem - Nicola Gorringe, clinical psychologist

4.             Anger and frustration - Dr Jennifer Swanston, clinical psychologist

5.             Academic stress - Dr Katherine Hodson, clinical psychologist

6.             Concentration and motivation - Dr Lucy Russell, clinical psychologist

7.             Mike Russell is the co-owner and MD of Everlief

The authors are clinical psychologists with a combined total of 80 years’ experience working in the NHS and independently with children who have emotional and behavioural difficulties. Each author is a parent, with children ranging in age from newborn to 18. A major part of their work is regularly visiting and liaising with schools to develop an understanding of the difficulties faced by children in schools, and their teachers.

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Dr Nat Tanoh - The Day of the Orphan

Dr Nat Tanoh comes from Ghana but grew up, as a child, in exile in England, due to his parents’ opposition to the installation of a one-party state. Today he divides his time between his home in London and Ghana. He has a rich history of involvement in student and workers movements, which originally emerged from struggles against the institutionalisation of military rule in Ghana. Dr Nat has since worked as a consultant on Development projects in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa. He also continues to uphold a passion for democratic social development. The Day of the Orphan is Dr Nat Tanoh’s debut novel.

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Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson MA took a first in Mathematics at Oxford University in 1985. He then joined Price Waterhouse and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988, after which he worked as a lecturer in the private sector, and also in The City of London, primarily in Financial Sector Regulation roles. Craig first met Sarah in 2001, as a patient for the treatment of his CFS, and since then they have developed a professional working relationship, where he helps with the maintenance of, the moderating of Dr Myhill’s Facebook groups and other ad hoc projects, as well as with the editing and writing of her books.

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Dr Sarah Myhill

Dr Sarah Myhill MB BS qualified in medicine (with Honours) from Middlesex Hospital Medical School in 1981 and has since focused tirelessly on identifying and treating the underlying causes of health problems, especially the ‘diseases of civilisation’ with which we are beset in the West. She has worked in the NHS since 1981 and full time private practice sine 2000. For 17 years was the Hon. Secretary of the British Society for Ecological Medicine, which focuses on the causes of disease and treating through diet, supplements and avoiding toxic stress. She helps to run and lectures at the Society’s training courses and also lectures regularly on organophosphate poisoning, the problems of silicone, and CFS.

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James Rosser - Chef & Director at The Kent Cookery School

James began working in a local fish restaurant Sankey's in Tunbridge Wells, here his passion for working in kitchen's was born. He then went onto train at West Kent College whilst continuing to work at Sankey's and develop his knowledge skills further. From there went on to work in a number of prestigious venues and cook alongside some famous names in the culinary world. These include working for the Roux brothers, cooking alongside Albert Roux serving at the Chelsea Flower Show, and working at Michelin-starred restaurant Thackery's in Tunbridge Wells for a number of years.

James then moved onto working for an award winning gastro pub company in Kent, Whiting and Hammond. Here he was  head chef of The Little Brown Jug, and then The Chaser Inn the company's flagship pub. Then in 2012 he took on the role of executive chef, overseeing the food offer in each of the nine sites. In this role James was able to develop the food offering across the group, work with suppliers to ensure the best, fresh local produced was being used and still use his skills in the kitchens to train new chefs.

James's passion lies in using great seasonal produce and using unfamiliar cuts to create new and exciting dishes. His love of teaching has stretched from becoming a head chef then executive chef, to today where he enjoys sharing not only his skills but his wealth of culinary knowledge gathered over the years.

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Bryony Hill - Grow Happy, Cook Happy, Be Happy

Bryony Hill was born and educated in Sussex and, after a year at Brighton Art College, she lived in France, returning to London in 1975 where she met her future husband, ex-professional footballer and television legend Jimmy Hill. In 1985, they moved back to her home county where she learned to garden in earnest, the vegetable plot taking priority. There remained one wish and, when she eventually convinced Jimmy that a few chickens had to join their family, their rural idyll was complete. Grow Happy, Cook Happy, Be Happy is Bryony’s seventh book in which she gets to combine her passion for photography with developing recipes and cooking what she has grown for friends and family.

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Fleur Brown - Beat Chronic Disease

Fleur Brown has more than 25 years of experience as a practising nutritional therapist and runs a busy clinic in England. Fleur studied at the renowned Institute For Optimum Nutrition in London under Patrick Holford. A member of the British Association for Applied Nutritional and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and the Nutrition Therapy Council (NTC), Fleur is also a senior associate of The Royal Society of Medicine in London and a member of The Institute For Functional Medicine in the United States (

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Dr Tony Ortega

Dr Tony Ortega is a first generation Cuban American gay man. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, life coach, and author who has been in practice since 1992, currently serving the LGBTQ population in his private practice located in Brooklyn, New York.

Tony (along with his teaching partner, John Davisi) is the co-creator of the movement, RawSexySpiritual: Spirituality for Gay Men ( Tony combines cognitive behavioural techniques along with active coaching and metaphysical principles in his work with clients. Additionally, Tony provides spiritual life coaching for individuals seeking a different way to live. He works with his clients within these three principles: Rewrite Your Story, Find Your Voice, and Live Authentically.

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Tessa Levy - No One But You

Tessa Levy was born in the in the East End of London, as the youngest of six children in a Jewish family; Russian immigrants to England before the Second World War. Experiencing two life-changing traumas at a young age had a profound effect on Tessa. In 1939, escaping the hardships of war-torn London, her strict family upbringing, and seeking meaning in her life, she travels alone to America at the age of 17, grasping the opportunity of a life me and leaping into the unknown. Her American cousins take Tessa under their wings while she struggles with the palpable cultural differences and finds a huge appreciation of the glamour of New York – proving a stark contrast to the badly bombed East End of London. But as the seasons pass, the young girl sheds her puppy fat and English reserve, to blossom into a stunning young woman with an infectious passion for life, and an interest in the world of beautiful antiques. Finding her identity in America, and making a success of the unknown, she falls head over heels in love for the first time, with an unsuitable, but wonderfully romantic, non-Jewish boy. She ultimately must leave him, putting the expectations of her family before her own emotions. 

Category: Fictional Memoir, Romance, Family


Beverley Jarvis - Home Economist & Food Writer

Kent-based Beverley Jarvis is the original domestic goddess, having written more than twenty-three cookbooks over the past forty-five years for leading publishers such as Headline, Octopus, Penguin and BBC Books, including the UK’s first microwave cookery book. Beverley originally trained in Croydon in the swinging sixties and was a presenter on BBC Pebble Mill at One at a time when microwave cookery was first introduced to home cooks. She is now a cookery teacher, regularly hosting ‘cook-ins’ from her beautiful home in Ashford, and continues to produce incredible cookbooks.

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Julia Keys - The MANScript

Julia Keys has a professional background in nursing, counselling and psychotherapy; her specialist subjects include dealing with relationships, mental health issues and eating disorders. Julia was a school counsellor for five years, helping 11 to 18-year-old girls with myriad concerns, many of which related to their parent’s relationship issues. Julia is skilled in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. She has also worked at a specialist woman’s centre where referrals came from all walks of life. Julia has lived most of her married life to TV presenter Richard Keys in the public eye and has dealt with many personal crises in the gaze of the newspapers and media. She knows all too well how hard it can be to present yourself externally to the world, while struggling immensely, internally. She also knows how frightening and lonely it can feel when you have been betrayed.

Category: Self-Help, Relationships, Marriage, Divorce, Infidelity


Jacqueline Coles - The MANScript

Jacqui is a registered nurse, midwife and health visitor. She has extensive experience in: safeguarding; patient safety; and as an advocate working in the NHS as a senior manager. In 2014, she became Deputy Chief Executive at the Patients Association, a high profile ‘patient voice’ charity.

Jacqui has dealt with many situations where the client’s personal relationship had been strained, broken down or challenged. That experience influenced the individual’s physical and mental wellbeing and ultimately, their recovery.

While working at the Patients Association, Jacqui acted as an advocate for people when things had gone wrong during a patient’s care. Many of those people did not know who to trust, which often resulted in high levels of stress, leading to serious health issues and crippling low self-esteem. Jacqui quickly realised that it doesn’t matter what status you have in society, if you feel alone and lack confidence, it can adversely affect the life decisions you make.

Jacqui has published reports into the failings of the health service and has written many patient stories. She is passionate about supporting women to be the best they can be and above all, to make sure they know where to turn for help. She wants women to talk about their experiences, support each other and to no longer suffer in silence. Jacqui is also aware of the devastating impact caring for relatives with dementia can have on relationships within a family and the strain it places on a marriage/partnership.

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Lotte Moore - In The Fast Lane

Lotte Moore is the best-selling author of Lotte’s War, which reached number one in the charts after its release on Remembrance Day 2016. Perhaps best known for her children's books, Lotte is looking forward to publishing her first novel, In The Fast Lane, under the Hashtag Press banner in May 2018. Lotte has written more than 25 published books but only started writing aged 70. Now aged 82, Lotte has written a story that will resonate with every parent who has struggled with juggling family life, parental responsibilities, work and career, children and a social life in today's fast-paced world. 

Lotte dedicates her time, freely, every week, to read her stories to children in pre-schools and primary schools, and she’s always particularly busy around World Book Day (1st March). Having grown up during World War Two, she has seen and experienced a lot in life, and continues to build fictional characters and worlds that reflect what is happening right now...

As a child, Lotte lived in Kent with her parents who enjoyed entertaining, political debate and literary discussion with the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, H E Bates, W H Auden and Benjamin Britten. She was often lonely and turned to writing (stories, diary, poems and letters) to express her feelings of isolation. In her early teens, her commitment turned to ballet, point shoes replaced the pen. She was selected by the Royal Ballet School to dance in the Opera Ballet. When rejected for growing ‘too tall’ Lotte turned to acting and intermittently to writing. She finally married aged 38 to her loyal husband Chris (who continues to support Lotte by typing out her hand-written stories). Lotte became immersed in her stepchildren and then her own two girls. When her daughters left home she describes “empty years” filled by illness and family problems, and she turned to writing once again.

Category: Contemporary Fiction, Family, Relationships


The Originals by Various

About The Lil’ Author Skool

The Lil' Author Skool is a not for profit organisation. It was founded in 2016 by London born children's/YA author A. Bello, who wrote her debut novel 'Emily Knight I am...' at aged 12! The Lil' Author Skool is passionate about encouraging young people to read and write and want to give them as many free and affordable opportunities. The Lil' Author Skool is part of The Author School (GB Entrepreneur Awards Finalists 2016) and help young writers aged 5-21 years old. The little BIG Book Competition started in 2016 and The Originals is their first book.

About A. Bello

A. Bello is a 29-year-old author who was born and raised in London, where she still lives and works. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight - she fought monsters and dragons on a daily basis – and experienced her first taste of ‘being published’ after winning a school poetry competition at the age of 12. Seeing her words in print fuelled a passion for writing that remains to this day. A. Bello first began writing the Emily Knight saga shortly afterwards (still only 12 years old!) with the intention of filling the gaping hole in children’s fiction for an inspirational, strong, black female, young protagonist. This gap, nearly 18 years later, remains in the publishing world despite continued calls for more BAME background authors and diversity within characters and plotlines.

A. Bello is regularly called to talk at literary events and within the media, she has appeared in Female First Magazine, The Mirror, BBC1XTRA to name a few.

Category: Short Stories, Young Writers, Fiction


The Mushroom Cookbook

Michael Hyams is at the centre of the mushroom world, based in Covent Garden Market, sourcing them, providing them to markets and restaurants, and sampling the results at home, in cafés and in the dishes of Michelin-starred chefs. A chef de partie, recipe developer and food stylist, Liz O’Keefe works regularly with Michael and holds supper clubs. 


Category: Food, Cookery


Valentina Harris

Tracing her family back to 1369 through the illustrious Sforza dynasty, Valentina is the youngest member of a large Anglo-Italian family of colourful gourmets. Educated in Italy, Valentina brought her qualifications for teaching and cooking from Rome to London in 1976, where she built up her reputation until the publication of the first of more than 30 award-winning cookery books in 1984 – Perfect Pasta.

Since 2001 Cucina Valentina has been offering culinary adventures in Italy and across Europe with Valentina at the helm.

Valentina is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, a tremendous raconteur, and passionate about sharing her food philosophy, techniques, stories, and experiences both with food and its intricate history, plus solid and unique kitchen techniques.

Also a regular face at food festivals in the UK, Valentina stills finds time to host bespoke cookery courses and undertake private catering commissions, plus various radio, TV, newspaper, and personal appearances, Valentina is as busy now as she has ever been.

As proud President of the London chapter of Les Dames D’Escoffier, Valentina is actively committed to strengthening the position of professional women in the world of food, beverage and hospitality, and uses her wealth of experience to mentor young women who dream of a career within it. She also finds the time to contribute regularly to Reveal Italy’s website, sharing insights and recipes of the vast culinary delights of regional Italy.

Category: Food, Cookery, Italian


David Impey - The October Men

This is the first full-length novel by David Impey. He originally graduated in Chemistry and, afterwards, worked in high-tech industry either on the marketing/commercial side or in advertising.

David has helped write for campaigns with a heavy emphasis on demystifying supposedly obscure areas of science that affect everybody on a day-to-day basis and has won a number of awards for his work.

His first published work was an April Fool’s article in a yachting magazine and, since then, David has been a frequent columnist, contributor to industry journals and on-line blogs as well as setting up and editing some others. He also developed a TV series that finally saw the light of day in the US.

When he’s not writing, David is an avid musician, awful cricketer and lives near Oxford with his wife and insane dog. 

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Conspiracy Thriller


Christian Darkin - The Present Machine

Christian Darkin is the London-based author of the best-selling 'Act Normal' chapter books written with five to eight year olds in mind, and for older readers, his credits include two young adult novels: 'The Skull' (published by Bloomsbury) and a detective technothriller, '@thelogician'. Christian has also written six non-fiction books, two science documentaries, a Doctor Who spinoff film starring the sixth Doctor, and articles for dozens of magazines and most of the national newspapers. His illustration work can be found in hundreds of children's books but also in grown-up titles such as the scientific journal, Nature. Christian also works as an animator, recently creating an entire popular series for BBC's CBeebies as well as special effects for film and television. When not writing, or looking after his two sons, Christian can be found travelling around the country visiting schools and appearing at literary festivals. His eighth story, Act Normal and Don't Tell Anyone About the Present Machine, is his eagerly anticipated book released in time for the Christmas rush!

Category: Children's, Fiction, Humour, Science, Coding


Lotte Moore - School Scooter Fun

Lotte Moore is the best-selling author of Lotte’s War, which reached number one in the charts after its release on Remembrance Day 2016. Lotte has written more than 25 published books but only started writing aged 70. Now aged 81, Lotte is looking forward to releasing her latest story book, School Scooter Fun, for children, inspired by the children (and sometimes the adults!) who zoom past her house in London every day heading to school.

Lotte dedicates her time, freely, every week, to read her stories to children in pre-schools and primary schools, and she’s particularly busy around World Book Day (1st March). She has travelled throughout the United Kingdom and her World War Two presentation plus rationing table (showing the children how little food was allocated per person during the War) are hugely popular with children and teachers.

Lotte Moore’s other illustrated children’s stories include The Invisible Elephant, The Dinosaur Who Ate A Piano and The Teaspoon Family. As a child, Lotte lived in Kent with her parents who enjoyed entertaining, political debate and literary discussion with the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, H E Bates, W H Auden and Benjamin Britten. She was often lonely and turned to writing (stories, diary, poems and letters) to express her feelings of isolation. In her early teens her commitment turned to ballet, point shoes replaced the pen. She was selected by the Royal Ballet School to dance in the Opera Ballet. When rejected for growing ‘too tall’ Lotte turned to acting and intermittently to writing. She finally married aged 38 to her loyal husband Chris (who continues to support Lotte by typing out her hand-written stories). Lotte became immersed in her stepchildren and then her own two girls. When her daughters left home she describes “empty years” filled by illness and family problems, and she turned to writing once again.

Category: Children's Picture Book


Edd Williams

For 14 years Edd Williams has helped people get jobs. He's worked with global corporations and tiny SMEs, he has spoken to CEOs and graduate trainees. He has found engineers in South Korea and nuclear scientists who speak French to work in Norway on contracts. He's spoken to literally thousands of people to understand what they are looking for in a job or what they are looking for in an employee. He's coached them through interviews, to actively listen, to mirror body language, to ask the right questions, to be confident but not arrogant, the right way to shake hands, how to close the deal. Edd has studied, edited and written over 100,000 CVs: 25-30 CVs a day, 260 days a year for over 14 years stacks up. So, when a teacher who's moved directly from university into teaching tells students how to write their CV or what an employer is looking for it makes him kind of angry. At best it's irresponsible at worst it's negligent. 

Edd knows what's required to get a job in the current market and what employers actually need from their employees. What they value, look for, what excites and interests them, what makes a candidate stand out. By working backwards from an end point it's possible to set navigable goals to achieve the desired result. This is what he has been helping people with every day. 

For the last three years Edd has also worked as an academic consultant, with students, holding workshops and seminars to explore their options, decision-making, personal statement writing, professional comportment, interviewing, networking, internships, work experience and using those experiences to identify career paths. 

Category: School, Education, Careers, Personal Development


Abi Oliver - A New Map Of Love

How can you pack for the journey of a lifetime? George Baxter has settled for a comfortable life, content as the years unfold predictably - until Win, his wife of twenty-six years, dies. With his loyal dog Monty by his side, George throws himself into his work as an antiques dealer. His business is at the heart of the village and all sorts pass through the doors, each person in search of their own little piece of history. When George meets local widow Sylvia Newsome, he imagines a different kind of future. But life has more revelations to offer him. Over the course of an English summer George uncovers some unexpected mysteries from his past, which could shape his tomorrows...

A New Map of Love by Abi Oliver, a bestselling author under a different name, is a life-affirming second novel about second chances at love.

Category: Fiction, Relationships, Romance


Anita Cassidy - Appetite

Having moved around a lot as a Forces child, Anita Cassidy moved to London on graduating and worked in newspaper advertising sales and management for ten years before having her family. Interested in food and personal development, she wrote a weekly blog whilst raising her family before discovering NaNoWriMo in 2012. Appetite was first written in two consecutive Novembers and has since been edited and reshaped over the years. Fascinated by the intersection between ourselves and our social and cultural environment as well as neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, Anita loves to let these subjects inform her writing. 

Anita is a writer, a relationship radical, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend. She is also a lover of old books, new music and (mostly) clean food. Whilst she understands the limitations of labels, she separated from her husband in 2016 and identifies as bi-sexual, polyamorous and is engaged with the BDSM scene in London. Anita lives in London and Kent. Above all else, Anita is curious about everything: about life, about learning and about love.

Category: Fiction


Caroline Garnham - When you are Super-Rich, who can you trust?

Caroline Garnham is the leading expert in the world of trusts and succession for the super-rich. She was head of the City law firm Simmons & Simmons private client team for fifteen years, Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Taxation, nominated top 5 private client lawyers, proposed and drafted legislation for the Bahamas, which became law as The Executive Entity Act 2011 and pioneered an area of law Family Governance.

Her book for the Super Rich is not about law, tax or trusts, it is about human beings who happen to be rich. With money comes the burden of responsibility; what to invest in, who and how to make donations; charity or children, and how and on what to spend it. Most people think of money in terms of winning the lottery, paying off the mortgage and preparing for old age or misadventure – but what do you if you have too much money?

Caroline has also written another book, Winning Business From Private Clients, about how to win new clients – if the target market does not want to be contacted. Caroline spotted a gap in business training relating to how to win business and build trusted relationships with the Super-Rich…

Category: Personal Finance, Finance, Law, Business


John-Paul Jordan

Ex-Special Forces, John-Paul Jordan is an author and recovery consultant. His first book is a self-help guide inspired by his own incredible experiences – How To Stop Taking Drugs in 30 Days: A Simple and Daring Plan – launched in September 2017 as an eBook. His passion project, however, is his memoir that is currently in the final stages of editing: Joys of War.

John-Paul is a former Legionnaire with the French Foreign Legion, after which he joined the British armed forces, serving in operations in Afghanistan where he awarded for his actions in combat. Following his military service, John-Paul worked for international media organisation in warzones clandestinely moving journalists in and out of some of the world most dangerous hotspots, before heading up logistics for a mining company in Afghanistan and training local forces.

His personal injuries from war took their toll with the effects of physical injury and non-visible injuries, PTSD. As part of his own recovery he wrote about his experience to share his story with others and liberate himself from the stigma of PTSD and mental health issues – or what he terms non-visible injuries … because that’s what they are: an injury to be treated like any other. 

He has met some incredible people from all walks of life – veterans and non-veterans alike – and one thing he is sure of is that you don’t have to have been to war to be at war. John-Paul’s mission is to help veterans and non-veterans alike to find their way to freedom. To start the conversation. Remove the stigma and live in the solution not the problem. More recently he has been working closely with the charity Mind, including advising on the set of a national television programme, sharing his experiences of injuries from war.

Category: Recovery, Addiction, Self-Help & Counselling, Drugs


Theo Michaels

Theo Michaels’ cooking first gained recognition when he wowed the judges on Masterchef in 2014. Theo is now a sought-after pop-up chef, and has appeared regularly on television and radio – including repeat visits to ITV This Morning with Microwave Mug Meals (his other bestselling book!). 

Theo was born in London (a while ago), lived in America for five years and has eaten his way around most of the planet with a backpack. He is now married with three children and no way will his wife backpack again. After reaching the semi-finals for Masterchef 2014, Theo quit his city job of 15 years to follow his passion and work fulltime in ‘food’. He's never looked back.

Theo is now an accomplished private chef (currently booked six months in advance), runs a successful pop-up restaurant with more than 700 on the waiting list and is known for cooking ‘elegant village food’ inspired by the flavours of Cyprus and his travels. Theo has appeared on ITV's This Morning, BBC Breakfast News, Sky TV, The Food Network, is a regular on BBC 3CR Weekend Kitchen show and is regularly spotted cooking at food festivals. 

In Theo’s words he has full Greek blood but is born and (mostly) bred in the UK. Theo’s inspiration for food varies from his roots, his travels to cooking for his family and his love of anything cooked over charcoal.

Category: Recipes, Family, Cookery


Clarissa Foster - Understanding BRCA

In 1998, at the age of 20, Clarissa Foster lost her mum (44) to ovarian cancer. During Clarissa's final year studying for a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education in Human Biology at Nottingham Trent University, she became aware that harmful mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes mean that a woman's lifetime risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer is greatly increased. 

Over the years, she had discussed with various GPs the possibility of being tested for a BRCA1/BRCA2 mutation as she suspected her mum might have carried a harmful mutation. However, Clarissa was not eligible for testing under the current National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines as there has only been one relative with cancer within my family. She took the decision to pay privately for the testing around the age of 40, as it is at this age that an increase in the numbers of these cancers is seen. However, in 2012, aged 34, Clarissa was told she had a 50:50 chance of being a carrier as her sister had paid for testing and was found to carry a harmful BRCA2 mutation. Clarissa's GP referred her to a Geneticist and the blood test was done in the first meeting. Four weeks later, in March 2013, Clarissa was found to also carry a harmful BRCA2 gene mutation. She was given statistics such as a 45-85% lifetime risk of breast cancer and 10-30% lifetime risk of ovarian cancer. 

Finding out she carried this harmful mutation was tough, but she had considered this possibility since her teenage years and had time to prepare herself. Also, being a Human Biologist helped her to approach her journey in a logical manner and aided her understanding of the scientific literature.      

A few weeks after finding out she was a carrier, Angelina Jolie bravely shared with the world her decision to undergo a risk-reducing mastectomy, due to a mutation in her BRCA1 gene.

After many appointments and expert opinions, Clarissa underwent a risk-reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes) which resulted in a surgically-induced menopause. 

Three months later, in February 2014, she underwent a bilateral, nipple-sparing mastectomy, with immediate reconstruction with implants and two weeks after surgery, her surgeon advised she start HRT.

Clarissa Foster is a qualified Human Biology teacher at FE level and an experienced writer for the pharmaceutical industry. She is also a health blogger and an 'expert patient' in relation to the BRCA mutation. To produce Understanding BRCA Clarissa worked with Consultant Gynaecological Oncolgist, Alasdair Drake and Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Michael Taylor. Clarissa lives in Middlesex with her husband and two children. 

Category: Health, Medicine, Cancer, Oncology,


Zena Everett - Mind Flip

Zena is an international executive coach, with a rare cocktail of entrepreneurial, headhunting, organisational psychology and coaching experience. She started and ran her own recruitment business and became fascinated with why some of her candidates were more motivated, confident and successful than others. To figure that out, she sold her business, completed a Masters in Career Management and Counselling and undertook further post-graduate coaching training. She now helps ambitious people to achieve career goals they didn’t know they had, or were capable of until they worked with her. Brought up in Ireland, Zena coaches people from many different cultures and backgrounds, from actors to actuaries and mum returners to MBAs, coaching on the Executive MBA programme at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. Zena has a wealth of experience and a respected reputation amongst recruiters and headhunters, who send candidates to her to be ‘Zenafied.’ Her recruitment business recruited other recruiters – so not only was she a recruiter - she was a recruiter’s recruiter. This gave her unique inside knowledge of how recruitment consultants evaluate CVs and why some candidates make it through filtering processes and others don’t. She comes from the sharpest end of the recruitment business and demystifies the black arts of this industry. Her dissertation provided unique insights into how recruiters, HR professional and employers evaluate the personal statements on CVs and she draws on this in her first book, Mind Flip. Zena is a regular media contributor on career and workplace issues (BBC London: Careers Agony Aunt with Jeni Barnett; LBC; BBC 5 Live; BBC Berkshire; Sky News; Radio 4 Today Programme; BBC One Breakfast; The Guardian; The Financial Times; High50; Cosmopolitan; and Vice). She is passionate about raising the confidence and ambition of people at work and is a popular, inspirational speaker at conferences and events. Zena is a non-executive director and trustee of Quo Vadis Trust, a social housing charity that supports people with mental ill health. Zena lives in London.

Category: Careers, Recruitment, Job Interviews, Promotion, Business, Non-Fiction, Lifestyle


A Week of Prayer in Jerusalem

Andy’s interest in Israel was sparked by an article in the Observer newspaper in August 1963 which said anyone could volunteer to take part in a massive archaeological dig at Masada, Herod’s fortress-palace by the Dead Sea. Andy went out for a fortnight, and has been back six times since, in 1975, 1990, 1996, 2012, 2015 and 2017.

Having a German Jewish father and a Christian mother, and having studied history at Oxford, his interest in the Holy Land came naturally. His Christian faith led equally naturally to study of the Bible, particularly the links between the Old Testament and the New Testament. He read theology at Durham University and in 1984 was ordained as deacon then priest in the Church of England. He spent 31 years in parishes in south London, and co-led a parish pilgrimage to Israel in 1996.

Since retiring in 2015 he has become engrossed in writing. In April 2017 he published “Bible in Brief”, a six month exploration of the Bible with an accompanying website; “Discovering Psalms as Prayer”, drawing on his experience in South India; and “The Book of Job for Public Performance”, with a foreword by Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury. He is developing another book about his former parish in south London.

He has an innate curiosity which loves questions rather than quick answers and values journeying over arrival. Come and explore Jerusalem with him!

Category: Religion, Non-Fiction, Christianity, Travel


Laurence Mitchell - Aspie & Me

For over 35 years, Laurence Mitchell has travelled the world in his quest to become a world authority in Antiques specialising in Meissen Porcelain. His encyclopaedic knowledge is the result of myriad visits to leading museums worldwide, with highlights including opening the Kathy Gilmeister Collection at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacremento and filming the priceless Meissen displayed at the Ceil Higgins Art Gallery in Bedford. Laurence has been a consultant to HSBC High Net Worth Insurance Underwriting and is the Author of The Meissen Collector’s Catalogue, 2004.

Laurence was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in 2002 and set out to find out as much as possible about mentoring and autism. In 2008, he attended the National Autistic Society’s Conference, Research Autism’s Symposium in London, and the College of Psychiatrists’ conference on Aspergers in York. Laurence has travelled to the US, attended the International Meeting For Autism Research (IMFAR), the leading conference for autism research in Chicago and Philadelphia, where he was guided by the world's leading scientists on myriad aspects of Autism.

At this point Laurence decided to devote all his energy to the creation of, a supportive online resource. More recently, Laurence has been a speaker at the Autism Show in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Laurence is now collaborating with the charity who are responsible for painting the beautiful Aspie and Me book cover and all future commissions.

Category: Psychological Thriller, Fiction, Health & Lifestyle


Susan Scott - How To Prevent Burnout

Susan Scott lives in Surrey with her family and travels the world on business. She is a business psychologist, nutritional therapist, trainer, consultant and coach, as well as a public speaker and an author. Susan is a Fellow and Member of many professional organisations, runs two successful companies and has years of experience developing and running consulting and training programmes for private and public sector companies in the UK, across Europe, in the USA and Australasia on change, leadership and wellbeing as well as providing personal coaching support for individuals. Susan is also privileged to have been Chair of the International Stress Management Association. 

Susan Scott says: "Inside every one of us is potential but this crazy, highly pressured world can often make it hard to achieve success. I see my role as inspiring and energising people to do just that. My strongest core values are PASSION, KNOWLEDGE and HEALTH. I bring a highly energised, knowledgeable and blended mind-body approach to my work. I’m practical and realistic but I’m also, and very importantly, business focused. I’ve worked with so many companies – I get business – I’m certainly not a stuffy psychologist!"

Category: Self Help, Stress Management, Wellbeing, Careers, Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle


Grand Master Ewan C. Briscoe

Ewan Briscoe is a father and grandfather, but his impact on families and young people extends way further than his family network. Ewan is dedicated to the advancement of young children in his community, for which he has been awarded the Metropolitan Police Commendation Award. His services are sought after for self-defence courses on a wide level, by sports and TV personalities, and business men and women for motivational speaking and mentoring. He is soon to begin working alongside the Metropolitan Police to utilise his self-defence and mentoring expertise to redirect young offenders towards a positive lifestyle – teaching them to be masters of themselves – not victims of their circumstance.

Category: Personal Development, Martial Arts, Health & Fitness, Parenting


John Leete - Wartime New Forest Revealed

An established Hampshire-based journalist and author, John Leete turned to the subject of modern History for light relief and became hooked. He is best known as the author of the highly acclaimed book The New Forest At War. John has written miles of words on many subjects every year as a freelance, including contributing to various history magazines, and still manages to produce the occasional book. John is part of the team behind, a voluntary and not-for-profit UK social enterprise that is a much-loved resource for historians, educators, the media, museums, and everyone interested in WW2. John is a renal transplant patient and wrote his original New Forest title to help him through dialysis and transplantation. Thankfully, he got well again and hooked on writing books.

Category: History, Wartime, Local History


Christine Ingall - Solo Success

Christine Ingall was born in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Initially, she trained to be a teacher and was awarded a B.Ed. from Manchester University. She worked as a civil servant for 35 years, most recently in the development and implementation of policy and programmes, to support the unemployed and unskilled. Christine never expected to live a single, solo occupant life for more than 30 years, or that it could be so much fun and pass so quickly. Now retired, she lives ‘a charmed life’ in Leamington Spa, and actively pursues her interest in the theatre through her membership of The Criterion Theatre in Coventry, where she also teaches drama, and her love of singing through her membership of a local branch of The Rock Choir. She is thrilled to have actually finished and published a book at last, and pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a work of non-fiction.

Category: Self Help, Health, Family, Lifestyle, Divorce, Retirement Planning, Ageing, Bereavement


Bob Ryan - The Master Photographer

Bob Ryan ARPS FRSA is an international educator who has spent many years exploring the way we make decisions and judgements. He is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Gloucestershire and Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Manchester Business School. Bob is passionate about different forms of photography and has developed robust methods of learning how to both create great images and how to assess them. John Fishback, Director of Education Services for the Photographic Society of America, commented that Bob is “in the top 10% of imaging analysts”.

Category: Photography, Hobbies, Art


J Merrill Forrest - The Waiting Gate

J Merrill Forrest lives in Wiltshire with her Greek husband and crossbreed dog. They also spend time at their home in Greece, and while Jane is not a psychic or medium herself, she is fascinated by this world and has many friends who are. Flight of the Kingfisher was borne from the loss of her brother, at just 30, in 1984. After his death, Jane began to notice strange happenings in her house, and a work colleague suggested she visited a medium, and the rest is history…

Following the immense success of Flight of the Kingfisher, The Waiting Gate was snapped up by publisher Hashtag Press. While the book is eagerly anticipated by fans of Flight of the Kingfisher, The Waiting Gate powerfully stands up as a story worth reading in its own right (although be prepared to want to read all of J Merrill Forrest's books once you've enjoyed one!)

Category: Fiction, Women's Fiction, Supernatural, Paranormal


Stacey Turner

With a love of writing and a joy of working with children as an early years educator of over 15 years, Stacey Turner was inspired to create a book to help settle her eldest daughter into nursery during a very difficult transitioning time. Stacey is well placed to create such a book with all her years of teaching experience settling other children, so as soon as she recognised her daughter needed support, she put pen to paper and the result is what we see before us today in the hope it will help and support other children and parents. Stacey’s very nurturing approach stems from a deeper understanding of the early years and how important it is to meet social and emotional needs of our children. Originally from Melbourne, Stacey lives in London with her husband and daughters. The book series, My Tiny Book, was born in June 2012 and Stacey continues to write and develop other stories which help children through various tricky stages. The stories are often inspired by her own daughters and can usually be found at the art table in her kitchen creating with her girls.

Category: Children's picture book, Family, Parenting


Tony Weekes

Tony Weekes is coming at the world of the NHS and mental health care from a different perspective. He is not a professional in the field of mental health, but he has for many years witnessed the mental suffering of close family members. He is dedicated to trying to ease their suffering, trying and sometimes failing to surmount the problems caused by the current care system's serious lack of funding and the resulting lack of cohesion. 

Tony grew up in East London, the son of a consultant surgeon and a nurse. Following his education to degree level, he has worked in sales, administration and office management in an extremely busy business environment. The combination of his upbringing, life and work experience has helped him see the good in every situation with a problem-solving mindset. 

The pain and suffering he has witnessed family members go through has, at times, been overwhelming. For several years he has devoted all his energy, enthusiasm and determination into generating solutions for the problems they have faced. The result of this devotion is Tony's vision of how the stigma of mental health problems can be dismantled, how effective ongoing treatment can be made accessible and how socio-economic empowerment for sufferers can be provided.

"The biggest lesson I have learnt is that the role of the family in securing treatment for someone suffering mental ill health is second only to the acknowledgement of the person suffering," explains Tony.

Unity is a not-for-profit company seeking to revolutionise mental health care in the United Kingdom through education, recognition and intervention. The NHS is a world leader, Unity will also make mental health care here world-renowned.

Category: Mental Health, Campaigning, Healthcare, Family, Health, Society


Helen Matthews - After Leaving the Village

Helen Matthews is the author of debut novel ‘After Leaving the Village’, winner of the Winchester Writers’ Festival prize for opening pages of a novel. Born in Cardiff, she read English at the University of Liverpool. After travelling, she worked in international development, consultancy, human resources and pensions management but fled corporate life to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes University.

Helen has been awarded prizes for short stories and published in the literary journal Artificium. As a freelancer, she writes content for websites and business magazines and has, in the past, been published in The Guardian and had columns broadcast on BBC radio.

She is married with two grown-up children and lives in Hampshire.

Category: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense


Ann McCracken - How To Get Back Your Mojo

Ann McCracken is an author, a scientist, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and was the Vice President of the International Stress Management Association. Her work for ISMA has seen her organise National Stress Awareness Day for a number of years, present at conferences in the UK and India, and her work continues with the association in the form of training and workshops. 


Category: Self Help, Stress Management, Health, Lifestyle


Martin Caswell

Martin Caswell grew up in the coastal village of Boscastle in Cornwall. Aged 23, he went to London to train with British School of Motoring (BSM) to become a qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor. The plan, back in August 1974, was to teach for a couple of years. One of the schools he worked for was a 'Driver Education Centre' that had an off-road circuit to teach under-17s car control so by the time they reached 17 they had great car control. We also used to teach skid-control to motor-racing students from the Brands Hatch Motor Racing Stables, IAM groups, London Ambulance Service, Metropolitan Police, and even anti-hijack techniques to the American Embassy staff. This involved reversing onto a skid-pan at high speed and spinning the car around 180 degrees then speeding off in the opposite direction. He also used to race saloon cars (Shellsport Ford Escort Mexicos) at Brands Hatch too. Martin moved to Belfast in the late 1970s and taught there for around 18 months. Then returned to BSM Kensington High Street, London and started his own driving school 'Acclaim Motor School' in 1981. Within two years he had four cars on the road covering the London area. When he met his wife he moved out of London and moved his driving school to Berkshire. The rest, as they say, is history!

Category: Learning to Drive, Education, Motoring


Glenn Armstrong

Glenn Armstrong is also known as The Millionaire Maker, who is a multi-millionaire himself. He decided from an early age that the run-of-the-mill 9-5 was not for him and left a job in rocket science (honestly) to set up his own video rental empire. This set him on his way to becoming a millionaire aged 29. He then lost it all, but learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Glenn is now in his 50s and is a property multi-millionaire, mentor, teacher and advisor. He has more than 60 developments in the UK at any given time and has written a book to share his secrets to success, a recipe that has helped him achieve his dreams. While property is his passion, teaching is his true love. Glenn regularly runs masterclasses and courses to help others become successful by following his specific advice, learning from the mistakes he's made as well as the right moves.

Category: Business, Entrepreneur, Property, Investment, Personal Finance


Alero Ayida-Otobo

Alero Ayida-Otobo describes herself as a Transformation Strategist with invaluable understanding of sector-wide reforms in Africa. Her close friends call her "the Original Reformer". She is passionate about reforming educational and health systems and transforming individuals and institutions. A graduate of Oxford University, Bartlett School of Architecture and Town Planning, University of London and the London Business School, Alero's purpose is to "create wealth in Africa through the development of Human Potential". In the summer of 2016, Alero decided to segue into writing. During a sabbatical in California, she completed her first book "Reformers Arise", published by Panoma Press in June 2017.

Category: Society, Leadership, Reform, Politics, Africa


BCR Fegan

BCR Fegan is an Australian author who has written a number of fairy tales and fantasies for children and young adults.

Raised on a small hobby farm only minutes from some of Australia’s greatest beaches, Fegan grew up inspired by the power of natures ambience. From the intensity of the frequent summer storms, to the overwhelming serenity of a lonely beach in the early hours of the morning. His ravenous appetite for both reading and writing soon saw him drawing on the transformational influence of the world around him to craft short stories, poems and picture books

As time wore on, Fegan also found inspiration in the magic and depth of authors and compositors like Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault. He was mesmerised by the potency of small but beautiful phrases that were carefully carved from the minds of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Robert Frost. He grew to appreciate the worlds meticulously created by David Eddings, JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

Eventually, he began to forge his own complete works. Weaving his own magic, piecing together his own phrases and crafting his own worlds. Agonising over plots that would inspire, characters that would be loved and circumstances that would delight. In time, his efforts saw a number of children’s books and young adult fiction produced. Through the efforts of TaleBlade Press, these works are now being published with that same careful dedication.

Category: Children's picture book, Fairytale


Christian Darkin

Christian Darkin is the London-based author of the best-selling 'Act Normal' chapter books written with five to eight year olds in mind, and for older readers, his credits include two young adult novels: 'The Skull' (published by Bloomsbury) and a detective technothriller, '@thelogician'. Christian has also written six non-fiction books, two science documentaries, a Doctor Who spinoff film starring the sixth Doctor, and articles for dozens of magazines and most of the national newspapers. His illustration work can be found in hundreds of children's books but also in grown-up titles such as the scientific journal, Nature. Christian also works as an animator, recently creating an entire popular series for BBC's CBeebies as well as special effects for film and television.

Category: Children's Fiction


Dr Ava Brown

Multi-award winning international speaker, author and transformation mindset coach, Dr Ava Eagle Brown is in a class of her own. Ava’s powerful story of her journey from poverty and abuse to fleeing Jamaica and establishing a new life in the United Kingdom is told in her two autobiographical books, Bamboo and Fern and The Mango Girl. Her story is being optioned into a Hollywood feature film. She was nominated as a finalist in the Women 4 Africa (Author) and Diva of Colour awards (Author) in 2015 for her work. Ava is determined to help others tell their story - her 'Get your Book Out Of Your Gut' program has helped many write their inspiring life stories. Her journey has also inspired the creation of the popular Awakening your Life’s Purpose, Skyrocket your Self-Esteem and Leap into Significance programs which offer new insights and mind blowing calls to action to help people to conquer some of life’s biggest issues. Her passion for caring for the types of communities that she left remains strong. She writes a column for a Caribbean magazine and contributes to The Jamaican Gleaner, Be Magazine published in West Africa and The Children Hope Newspaper. Her articles have been featured The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Voice Online. 

Category: Biography, Inspiration


Karen Braysher

Karen Braysher lives in Sussex and runs a successful hairdressing business. The process of writing – with the help of a ghostwriter – her life story had a much bigger impact on her than she ever thought possible. For the first time, Karen read the official documents (school, social care, council, medical) detailing the extreme violence she suffered at home, proving what her mother and two elder siblings continue to deny to this day. Sharing her life story is a brave move, but it’s also cathartic; an outpouring of a life tarnished by confusion regarding her sexuality, bipolar and dyslexia which were undiagnosed until well into her adulthood, failed education, physical and emotional abuse by her parents, abortions and suicide attempts. Yet, Karen is still standing, stronger than ever, and more aware now than ever before about who she is and where she has come from. Her story offers captivating insight into life in the 1970s and 1980s when thalidomide babies were hidden away in care centres, when there was little awareness of mental health and a lack of understanding and regulation regarding childhood abuse. This is a story for survivors.

Category: Biography, Social & Health, Mental Health


A. Bello

Emily Knight is back! A. Bello’s eagerly anticipated second book in the Emily Knight series is due for release in September 2017, following rave reviews for the debut novel – first published in 2012. The series is written for 10 to 15 year olds with a female black protagonist who isn’t poor, or from the ghetto, or struggling…she’s rich, she’s famous, she’s talented, and she’s finding out who she really is and facing her fears as a warrior.

Dark times are upon us. Neci is back and she is more dangerous than ever. The warriors are forced to pick a side and to stand up for what they believe in. The race is on to find the missing warrior first. It's the only way to prevent a war from happening and to stop Neci from destroying everything. Emily Knight has to get sharper, stronger and faster because Neci has made her a target and someone is going to great lengths to hurt her. Can Emily win the race? Or will Neci take her down once and for all.

Category: Children's/YA, Fantasy Fiction


Stephanie Nimmo

Stephanie Nimmo is a London-based writer, mother, music-lover, carer, widow, bereaved parent, runner and all-round plate spinner.  She's still trying to have a life, despite life's unexpected twists and turns. Steph started writing about her life caring for her youngest daughter who had a rare genetic condition as a way of documenting what was happening but also in order to share an insight into a world and a life that she previously knew nothing about. The blog grew and grew in popularity and is now read by tens of thousands of people around the world: As her family’s life became more and more complicated Stephanie's blog was not only therapeutic, but it also helped educate a wider audience on the realities of life caring not only for a complex child but a terminally ill husband.

Stephanie Nimmo's experiences have shown her to possess an incredible resilience she never knew she had, it has shaped her and she believes that we are all shaped by what happens to us. "We can’t choose our life’s path, much as we try, the unexpected will always happen, but it’s how we respond to it that makes the difference. I decided to write my book after my husband passed away as I not only wanted to share our story but also share that we should take nothing for granted in life. I really have had to seize the day and I hope that my book will inspire readers to reflect on their own lives and how they choose to respond to what happens to them."

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Susan Scott

Susan Scott is a business psychologist, nutritional therapist, trainer, consultant and coach, as well as a public speaker and an author. Susan believes that everyone - Young Professionals in particular - deserve to work in ways that foster their resilience, performance and careers. She is a Fellow and Member of many professional organisations, runs two successful companies and has years of experience developing and running consulting and training programmes for private and public sector companies in the UK, across Europe, in the USA and Australasia on change, leadership and wellbeing as well as providing personal coaching support for individuals. Susan is also privileged to have been Chair of the International Stress Management Association. However, what seems like an accomplished career has had more than its fair share of blips along the way, including a complete derailment only five years in. Despite these blips, Susan has managed to accomplish a lot because behind everything she does, Susan is brimming over with a passion to constantly learn with a strong desire to create work places that allow people to thrive and succeed – she believes everyone in the workplace should be allowed that opportunity.

Inside every one of us is potential but this crazy, highly pressured world can often make it hard to achieve success – Susan's role is to inspire and energise people to do just that.

Susan brings a highly energised, knowledgeable and blended mind-body approach to her work. She's practical and realistic but also, and very importantly, business focused. She has worked with so many companies – she gets business – and is certainly not a stuffy psychologist disjointed from the world of business. 

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Reverend Andrew Osborne Roland

Andrew Osborne Roland was born in 1945. His father was a doctor and agnostic Jew. His mother was a Quaker and politically active, particularly supporting African independence. Baptised at the age of 8, Andrew was active in church throughout his teenage years. He studied Modern History at Merton College, Oxford and developed an adult Christian faith there. After a spell teaching history and R.E. he studied for the Diploma in Personnel Management and became a Personnel Officer (now Human Resources), principally at Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College.  While living at Earls Court Andrew shared in a remarkable spiritual revival at St Jude’s, which included helping at a late night evangelistic coffee bar, the One Way Inn, for 18 months. He spent two years in a large charismatic community, Post Green, and soon after trained for the Anglican ministry at the University of Durham, where he obtained a degree in Theology.  He then spent three years as curate in Streatham and six years in charge of a church in Kingston on Thames. Andrew was then vicar of All Saints, Hackbridge & Beddington Corner for 21 years until he retired in 2015. While there the community centre was totally refurbished, and the church upgraded with a toilet and kitchenette. He also introduced a monthly prayer using the music of Taize, a monthly supper and Bible discussion, a monthly men’s breakfast, and an all-age service that works incredibly well. Andrew now lives in Earls Court once more, worshipping locally and enjoying all the benefits of South Kensington including St Augustine’s Church, Cine Lumiere, The V & A Museum (for writing), the Goethe Institut, Royal College of Music and the Proms!

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Wendy Temple

On 16th July until 6th August 2017, the world is set to go football-crazy! The UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 Finals will take place in the Netherlands, and as a self-confessed sports fanatic, Wendy Temple’s new novel, Defensive Mindset, is to be released just before this important football championship kicks off. Wendy played hockey and volleyball competitively in Scotland, and now plays five-a-side football for leisure – a passion that has translated into her latest romantic fiction novel.

A passionate Scot, Wendy grew up in East Edinburgh. As a child it was her dream to live on the historic Royal Mile, which she did for a number of years before returning to the seaside a few years ago. With an academic background in Community Education; Healthcare and Physical Education, Wendy is a passionate advocate of keeping access to further education and healthcare free for all, and PE lessons accessible to all schoolchildren.

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Andrea Bramhall

Andrea Bramhall wrote her first novel at the age of six and three-quarters. It was seven pages long and held together with a pink ribbon. Her Gran still has it in the attic. Since then she has progressed a little bit and now has a number of published works held together with glue, not ribbons, an Alice B. Lavender certificate, and a Lambda Literary award cluttering up her book shelves.

She studied music and all things arty at Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating in 2002 with a BA in contemporary arts. She is certain it will prove useful someday…maybe.

When she isn’t busy running a campsite in the Lake District, Bramhall can be found hunched over her laptop scribbling down the stories that won’t let her sleep. She also loves reading, walking the dogs up mountains while taking a few thousand photos, scuba diving while taking a few thousand photos, swimming, kayaking, playing the saxophone, or cycling.

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Chris Stringman

This is Chris Stringman's first book. His subject is gambling. He's not a teacher writing about teaching. Instead, he's a teacher writing about gambling. What credentials does he have for this polemic role? Well, in effect, he became a professional gambler for five years; he devoted more of his attention to it than to the day job. By professional he means that it was his de facto profession although he admits he wasn’t any good at it! There are many delusional gamblers out there just like he was. Win Lose Repeat offers discussion and explanation of gambling options: financial spreadbetting (his choice), poker, casinos, bookies, bingo, the lottery, amusement arcades and modern-day fruit machines. Both online and on the high street. Chris looks at how and why we gamble...and how to stop gambling. This is a memoir as much as anything - his life from the age of 11 to the day he gave up gambling for good. This is a book for gamblers and their families - they need to understand who they are and what they are doing and why. They need this book to help them recognise their own behaviour, realise how they are manipulated, containing suggestions about how to change.

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Lee Winter

Lee Winter has worked as a newspaper journalist in almost every state in Australia for the past 28 years. In that time she has covered everything from courts, police, news, television, features, been a humor columnist and sub-editor, and of late, a newspaper glossy magazine’s deputy editor. She has won national awards for her writing and was three times an Australian state Sub-Editor of The Year for her clever headlines. When her newspaper was sold and laid off most of the staff in November 2016, she made the decision to test the waters as a full-time writer. Prior to that she has written two books for Ylva, the Goldie-winning, Lambda finalist The Red Files, a newspaper-based mystery; and the Australian underworld crime noir Requiem For Immortals, also a Lambda finalist (finalist in Lesbian Myster category winners will be announced in New York in June 2017). . When the idea of a superheroes collection came up, Lee jumped at the chance to write a novella (Shattered) about a disaffected superheroine on the run and the woman sent to track her down. This blew out to an almost-novel at just under 70,000 words!

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Tola Okogwu - Hopes Braids

Tola Okogwu is a British blogger and founder of the hair and beauty blog, My Long Hair Journey (MLHJ). Tola holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and has written for several beauty publications including Black Beauty and Hair Magazine.

Through her blog, and wider writing, she is an active participant and voice in the natural hair movement and seeks to inspire, educate and empower young girls of colour to take ownership of who they are and everything that makes them unique.

Tola is passionate about parenthood, the role of fathers. and strongly believes that there should be a big boost in the resources for parents that are available freely and widely. An avid reader, Tola enjoys spending time with her family and friends around her home in Kent where she lives with her husband and daughter.

'Daddy Do My Hair? Beth’s Twists' is Tola’s first children’s picture book and was inspired by the relationship between her husband and daughter. It is the first in a series of books, which are designed to challenge some of the perceptions and preconceptions of skin and hair colour, relationships between fathers and their children, bullying, friendships, relationships and grief.

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Kieran O'Connor

Kieran O’Connor brings together two ends of a spectrum; the precision of a chartered design engineer and the fluidity of a martial arts and fitness expert. Several pivotal moments in his life led him to blending western science and eastern wisdom. In his later years, his curiosity about the workings of the mind/body connection took him to all corners of the earth. His journey began with a desire to escape the discomfort, confusion and frustration of working harder only to feel like he was going backwards despite all his best efforts.

As he stripped back his thinking to the most basic concepts and principles that linked both east and west, the simple effectiveness of leverage became more apparent. As he ‘learned how to learn’ Kieran experienced a fundamental shift in his mindset and found his life changing, he was enjoying each day to the full more frequently. It’s not about learning anything new; it’s more about remembering what we already intuitively know when we align our mindset with our true inner nature. Kieran lives in Falkirk, Scotland.

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Angie Le Mar

As one of Britain’s top comediennes, Angie has successfully harnessed the power of laughter to create inspiring and thought provoking productions. From stage to radio to TV to the written page Angie is a proven hit with a multicultural audience – male, female, young and old alike. She is equally at home with quick-fire comedy, acutely observed character sketches and solid acting performances.

Angie’s TV appearances include the BBC’s The Real McCoy, ITV’s Loose Women and Channel 4’s Get Up, Stand Up, and she has also presented The Saturday Morning Show on Choice FM. Angie also created the all-women panel TV show Ladies Talk on Vox Africa Network.

As a sought after keynote speaker Angie has graced the stage locally, nationally and internationally with schools, colleges and universities, business platforms, churches. An international mix of companies including UNESCO, America, Barclay Bank, Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch have been inspired by her words, wit and wisdom.

As an entrepreneur, Angie’s aim is to inspire others to achieve against the odds and for two and a half years she ran the Angie Le Mar School of Expression fuelled by the desire to show young people, not just showbusiness, but the business behind it.

‘Straight to Audience Productions’ was founded in 2001 to build on Angie’s reputation as a performer and writer and also on her expertise in direction, production and marketing, to serve the growing international market for vibrant, top quality entertainment.

Angie is a Mum of three in her early 50s and lives in London with her husband.

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Sarah Mathilde Callaway

Sarah Mathilde Callaway lives in fair Verona, the city perhaps best know for inspiring the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Sarah spends her days taking care of the Lamberti Tower in Verona, the iconic 12th century monument that overlooks the northern Italian city and is the third most visited attraction (after Juliet’s House and the Verona Arena). And she spends her evenings immersed in her passion for writing.

Her love of storytelling and writing began at the age of just 13, when she would draft her own versions of English, Russian and French literature on an old typewriter. She has a degree in writing and, in Italy, is affectionately known as the ‘Writer in the City of Love’.

Sarah adores writing romance, pen in hand and heart afire, while watching the wind ruffling the treetops surrounded by people living out their own love stories in the city that inspired the world’s greatest ever love story. Sarah is in an unusual position: she is one of very few Italian indie authors to have her book, The Tulip Garden, translated into English and released internationally. She has also written historical and contemporary novels in Italian – so there are plenty more novels ready for translation! Sarah is a member of EWWA (European Writing Women Association) and a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America).

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Natalie Savvides

Natalie Savvides is married to a wonderful man and lives in South West London with their two children under four. She works from home, mostly writing and being a Mum, and has written diaries since the age of 13, documenting almost every thought, feeling and experience since then. Natalie is a self-confessed ‘observer and contemplator of life’. Her ultimate goal has always been to find true love and harmony. She has strived for what she calls ‘perfection’ for many years believing it to be the key to happiness. This has often been incredibly draining, even debilitating, but time taught her that perfection is neither the answer, nor entirely possible.

Natalie is regularly called upon for advice both within her own network in London but also further afield via her social media platform and blog, and now specialises in supporting women and teenage girls in their pursuit of happiness. “I don’t judge and I believe that the way I have lived my life until now, and what I have learnt, put me in a credible position to write the book and to help people live a happy, fulfilling life”.

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Ylva Publishing

Leading international lesbian fiction publisher Ylva Publishing has signed British agency Literally PR Ltd (LitPR) to support the launch of myriad titles due for release in 2017. Ylva Publishing, based near Frankfurt in Germany, is globally renowned as a publisher of quality women’s literature with a focus on lesbian fiction. The company works with authors from around the world and at the end of 2016 opened a new imprint, Queer Pack, that gives a home to the amazing stories that struggle to find a platform, be they about characters who are trans, non-binary, genderfluid, asexual, pansexual, bisexual — the list goes on!

Ylva is a woman-owned, women-run publisher, directed and founded by Astrid Ohletz, that seeks out stories about strong female characters who are lesbian or bisexual. The company, founded in 2011, publishes romance and erotica, mystery, paranormal, YA and historical fiction. Lesbian fiction is defined as novels with lesbian or bisexual women as the main character(s) and it is a fast growing publishing genre that holds strong appeal beyond gender and sexuality boundaries.

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Adam Strong

Adam Strong is a corporate productivity authority, entrepreneur, athlete, coach, speaker and trainer. Regularly called upon by the press for editorial comment and commissions, he has featured in the BBC, The Guardian, People Management, HR Grapevine and Global Woman magazines. Adam is also a regular on the inspirational speaking circuit and enjoys speaking at business events and conferences. He creates and implements bespoke productivity enhancement programmes for businesses that want to see increased profitability, more engaged employees and a healthier workforce.

His clients know him for using his experience as a former elite athlete to create high performing work cultures. Adam’s clients can expect their businesses to be more productive and profitable, and to fulfill employees' potential both in their professional and personal lives.

Adam loves helping people, it’s in his DNA, and his mission is to solve the productivity crisis that affects not just businesses but entire economies.

Adam lives in Windsor, Berkshire. His passions include travel, scuba diving, sport, and anything to do with the sea plus ‐ most important of all ‐ spending time with his children.

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Paul Thomas - Home-made Cheese

Paul Thomas lives and breathes cheese…he makes cheese, judges cheese, teaches cheesemaking, works as a cheese inspector and is now the author of a cheesemaking book! As head cheesemaker at Lyburn Farm (Salisbury), Paul Thomas created award-winning new cheeses, before setting up Thimble Cheesemakers in 2013 with his wife, Hannah Roche, to produce the soft raw-milk cheeses Little Anne and Dorothy. Paul also provides technical support to many cheese manufacturers all over Europe, and runs popular cheesemaking courses at the School of Artisan Food in Nottingham and the River Cottage Cookery School. Paul graduated with a Biochemistry degree from the University of Dundee in 1999. He’s worked closely with the technical committee of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association and has written widely on the science and history of cheesemaking. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Paul lives in the New Forest in Hampshire but travels widely as part of his job.

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Derek Curzon - The Sailaway Trilogy

Born and raised in Dundee, cruise aficionado, retail manager and author, Derek Curzon, moved to Lancashire in 1998 aged 28. His background is Accountancy, he has worked in myriad roles in the banking world as well as editing a local magazine. He found love through writing - he married his penpal (before the days of emailing and Tinder!) and their first cruise was their honeymoon in 2005 - they've never looked back and have been on six cruises to date with plenty more in the pipeline. 

Their cruise holidays have given them the chance to see places they couldn’t have hoped to visit on a 'normal' holiday. The Sailaway Trilogy takes inspiration from their own cruise experiences and celebrates the cruise industry as the booming travel sector it is today. 

Family Sailaway, due for release in January 2017, is the second book in the series. As a spin-off from the trilogy, Derek launched a fictional cruise blog: ‘Nautical Nights.’ It's a light-hearted and humorous look at life on board a cruise ship and the ensuing adventures!

When he's not working his day-job, writing blogs or articles, or planning the next book, Derek can be found long-distance walking.  

As a couple, Derek and his wife have completed the West Highland and Great Glen Ways in the Scottish Highlands and will be walking Hadrian’s Wall in 2017.

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Tal Araim

In 1993, Tal Araim opened a Hawaiian restaurant and successfully ran it for 20 years. Observing his clients taught him a great deal about couples. Something did not sit well. Most seemed to have far more fun with others than with each other. Valentine’s Day was a depressing display of boredom and censorship of thought. Tal was determined this would not happen to him.

He was married in 1999 out of what he thought was real love. The confidence in love lasting the test of time was short lived. Tal fell in love in 2009 and realised that what he had with his wife is what society considers love. It was a comfortable illusion and what’s more, the vast majority of couples around them were going through the same situation.

The affair lasted two years; it hurt Tal, his wife, their daughters, the woman with whom he had the affair, her husband and our extended families. What was shocking to most of their friends was the fact that they were an unhappy couple. What was shocking to Tal was that it lasted two years without either spouse noticing. Can two people really live such separate lives mentally where as long as the chores and functions are being executed, the rest is irrelevant?

On the face of it, they were the ideal couple. Their interactions were full of humour, affection, respect and understanding. However, it lacked nudity of thought. They edited their minds in order to minimise potential friction, something that is not only commonplace, but sadly it is highly encouraged. Depression followed after the end of the affair. To get out of depression, questions needed to be answered and so the research began.

After 30 years which included many relationships, a marriage, two children, an affair, a near divorce, clinical depression, drugs, alcohol, therapy, recovery, and research, Tal decided to channel these experiences and knowledge into giving seminars, taking part in countless debates, creating the first Compass4Couples Centre and, finally, in writing a book. 

"The Coupledom Trap is my gift to my daughters so that, hopefully, they will one day live in a world that discourages lovelessness and encourages honesty and love." - Tal Araim

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Talita Ferreira - The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved

Talita Ferreira is an entrepreneur, business owner and experienced executive who has chosen to step away from her career in corporate business to establish the UK’s first Academy of Authentic Change. She has written her first book to share her experiences of working with thousands of leaders and teams in multiple industries during her business life and to reveal her insights and learning from these encounters. Talita worked as a Chief Financial Officer, Chartered Director, Chartered Accountant and Consultant within globally established brands such as BMW, KPMG and Investec Bank and also has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce Law (Cum Laude) and is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. She was nominated for the Business Leader of the Year 2016 awards, for the South African Chamber of Commerce in the UK. She is married and lives in Hampshire with her husband and eight-year-old daughter.

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Michael Forester - The Goblin Child

Some are born with silver spoons in their mouths. Michael Forester was born with a pen in his hand. Of course, it was immediately pinched by his big brother who put it on a shelf too high for him to reach. He got his own back though. He nicked his brother’s abacus and hid behind the sofa with it. By the time he was 30 he was finally tall enough to reach the shelf, and took down the pen. This induced a bout of split personality disorder in which he oscillated between pillaging the stock market and writing books teaching others how to make incalculably vast sums of money (one was called Going for Growth and the other, How to Make More Profit). Unfortunately, they didn’t make incalculably vast sums of money themselves…

The millennium year saw a complete volte-face in which he determined to devote his life to poetry, fiction and life writing. The first result was If It Wasn’t For That Dog, about his first year with his beloved hearing dog, Matt. (Michael has been severely deafened from the age of 30). Short stories followed on subjects ranging from goblins and dryads to inter-racial love in a racist age, marital breakdown to bureaucracy, nursery rhymes to Alzheimer’s disease. Not far behind came poetry from haiku to epic fantasy poems and New Age mind-body-spirit writings on subjects as diverse as self-worth and the nature of physical death. Now at the venerable age of 60 (deep respect, master, deep respect) Michael divides his time between Tenerife and the UK. He numbers dryads and angels amongst his closet friends. His children look on aghast as he squanders their inheritance on such profligacies as A4 printing paper and laser toner cartridges.They need have no concern. He plans to leave them the pen.

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James Mellor - Drawn From History

James Mellor is a freelance writer and cartoonist. James launched James Mellor Creative in 2012 to help people turn their ideas into usable, engaging and memorable content. The business is built around his three areas of expertise – research, writing and cartoon illustration – deployed either independently or in combination. In these areas, he has worked with large institutions, SMEs, startups and individuals to get their unique messages across in print, online and via social media. 

Those who follow @jamesdfmellor on Twitter will be aware that historical figures and events often creep into his cartoon commentaries of the day’s events and his illustrations are popular with teachers as resources for history lessons. There are rumours that his pictures are popular with their students too.

A History graduate from the University of York, James has always possessed a passion for the past. Drawn From History is James’ first book and has allowed him to fully deploy his professional cartooning ability in his favourite setting, viewing Britain’s past with a sharp, sideways slant.   

James lives in Rushden with his wife Rachel and a small, sociopathic cat.

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The 99 Essential Business Questions

Gia Campari, David Glassman, Michael Jeans, Patrick McHugh, David Peregrine-Jones, David Shannon and Benjamin Taylor bring combined experience from across a wide range of business sectors to solve your professional problems! The 99 Essential Business Questions will provide you with the answers you're looking for - but it only contains questions and scenarios, ideas and strategies. This is not a straightforward question and answer book. The right questions, and your answers, provide you with the insight to take the right decisions and act in a way that goes beyond the blatantly obvious.

The book came about as a result of conversations at the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, a livery company of the City of London. The seven authors are seasoned management consultants with collective experience of more than 200 years of professional practice. The book grew from their desire to capture their experiences of insightful questioning and package it in a way that is accessible and informative, helpful and practical for practising managers today.

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My Mother, My Daughter, My Self by Dr. Jane Goldberg

Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D. has had a long, successful career that has been fuelled by two professional passions: psychoanalysis and holistic health. As a psychoanalyst, she has authored eight books including The Dark Side of Love. She has hosted her own television talk show and featured on countless American talk shows to voice her expert opinion. 

Jane explored her passion for holistic health when she founded and directed three holistic spa/wellness centers, including La Casa Spa and Wellness Center, the oldest wellness center in NYC.

And when working with cancer patients as an oncological psychologist, Dr. Goldberg has combined her psychoanalytic work with her passion for holistic health. She has worked with a wide range of cancer patients who have achieved dramatic and statistic defying results, through commitment to sound principles of health as well as an interest in the exploration of their mental, emotional and psychological states.

Dr. Goldberg is a prolific blogger, writing on her own blog, Musings From 20th Street, as well as writing for Huffington Post, GreenMedInfo, TheTruthAboutCancer, NaturalNews, HealthNutNews, and Epoch Times. 


Category: Memoir, psychology


Tola Okogwu - Daddy Do My Hair!

Tola Okogwu is a British blogger and founder of the hair blog, My Long Hair Journey (MLHJ). With a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, she has written for several beauty publications, including Black Beauty and Hair Magazine. Tola is an active participant and voice in the natural hair movement and seeks to inspire, educate and empower young girls of colour to take ownership of who they are and everything that makes them unique. Tola is passionate about parenthood and strongly believes that resources for parents should be freely and widely available. She is an avid reader and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She lives in Kent with her husband and daughter and seems to spend a large part of her day trying to find words that rhyme. 'Daddy Do My Hair? Beth’s Twists' is Tola’s first children’s picture book and was inspired by the relationship between her husband and daughter. This is the first in a series of books challenges our perceptions of skin and hair colour, relationships between fathers and their children, bullying, friendships, relationships and grief.

Category: Pre-school, Children, Picture Book


Sienna Snow - Rule Breaker

Born in London, England, Sienna moved to the States with her parents aged five. Now aged 39, she lives in Texas and is a mother of two. Since early childhood, she’s learned to balance different cultures and influences, and this is apparent within her stories. Her love of reading started at a very young age with “Beezus and Ramona.” By the time she entered high school, a girlfriend introduced her to Bertrice Small and Jude Deveraux (much to the horror of the nuns at her Catholic school), and an avid romance reader was born. Writing was her childhood aspiration, but Sienna’s loving parents encouraged her to seek a ‘real job’.  So, she placed her secret passion on hold and went on to receive two Bachelor’s degrees and two Masters. After a successful career as a management consultant and following the completion of her husband’s medical degree, she became a stay at home mum and rekindled her passion for story writing. Sienna has a deep-rooted love for travel and planning vacations years in advance. Her goal is to visit all seven continents in the next 10 years. When she is not writing, travelling, or reading, she spends her time with her husband and two children. Sienna writes sexy romance, some with a lot of heat and spice and others with a dashing of fantasy. Her characters represent strong women of different cultures and backgrounds, who seek love through unique circumstances.

Category: Romantic Fiction, Erotic Fiction


Anson's Gold - George Edmunds

George Edmunds is a bit of a polymath with an eclectic career. He has an Engineering background, was a  design draughtsman, sales manager and later on owned his own business. A large portion of his career was spent as a diving instructor, a wreck diver, and a underwater detector. He has dived a number of high profile locations including Blackbeard’s ship ‘Queen Ann’s Revenge’. 

The first of George’s books was published in 1979. Called ‘The Gower Coast’ it was spread over three editions and was a nonfiction book that collected history created from shipwreck research. His second was called ‘KIDD the search for his treasure’ and was released in 1996. It was recognised as the definitive work on the Scottish pirate and ignores the mythology and hearsay to tell the complete and true story. 

As well as his insightful books George appeared on ITV’s ‘Find a Fortune’ in 2000 where he discussed Kidd’s charts and the chance of anyone finding his fabled treasure. He appeared on the history channel, Yesterday, in The Hunt for Pirate Treasure’ during 2012 and is set to join a cruise to lecturing on the search for treasure in 2017. 

George lives with his partner, Julia, in Weymouth.

Category: Non-Fiction, Mystery


Time: The Immortal Divide Book Three in The Chronicles of Fate and Choice trilogy - KS Turner

Originally trained as an illustrator and designer at Saint Martins School of Art and Middlesex University, KS Turner turned to fiction when she saw the limitless possibilities of connectivity that fiction offered.

Before her shift in career she worked as a fashion designer for major high-street brands, a graphic designer for musicians, and a product designer for corporations as well as dabbling with designing technology, sustainable energy, and textiles.

A vivid series of dreams were the inspiration for the Chronicles of Fate and Choice books. Kate initially tried illustrating her dreams, but found the medium too limiting for the story she had seen, so began writing. At first she didn’t have any intention of writing novels, but the books soon started to come together into a three-piece set.


Category: Fantasy epic, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Fiction


The eBay Guy

George Wallace, The eBay Guy, comes from Fife in Scotland. George joined the Royal Air Force after being kicked out of school at 15 without sitting any of his exams. George now boasts an Honours Degree in Electricity and Electronics and is a Chartered Engineer by day and eBay entrepreneur by night. 

George Wallace is one of many people who earns a decent living online, from home, alongside his day job. He is known as ‘The eBay Guy’ because he has successfully mastered the process of generating income by buying, selling and sourcing on eBay. George has customers around the world, ranks as one of the top sellers in the UK out of 210,000 other eBay business accounts, and has almost 25,000 positive feedbacks to his name. He regularly shares his secrets at conferences and events, and has written four books on the subject. The latest, ‘How to earn £50,000 a year part-time’, was published by Filament Publishing in spring 2016 and is inspiring a new generation of fledgling eBay entrepreneurs.

In the UK there were just 800,000 people working at home in 2005. By 2015 this had grown to 4,218,699! Work Wise estimates that a further 1.8 million people would like to work from home – which is where George Wallace steps in!

Category: Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing, Digital Lifestyle


Food Intolerance Solutions - Mary Roe

For more than a decade Mary was a ward sister in a London teaching hospital before she had her first child. Each of Mary’s children had health problems but learning about food intolerance and modifying their diets made a huge difference, and sparked a career-changing interest in how eating patterns can affect health. 

During her practice as a registered food intolerance specialist Mary has developed a special interest in child behaviour problems, especially hyperactivity and disability. In the mid 1990s Mary started work as a food intolerance specialist by buying a franchise in a UK-wide food intolerance testing business. 

Mary developed the skills to use the new technology her business relied on and gradually became an expert, amassing experience that allowed her to give increasing detailed and accurate advice. Eventually Mary sold her franchise, and she now works for herself, is reliant on word of mouth recommendations of her clients. She is constantly busy and booked out weeks in advance. From a 'fad' to one of the most talked about areas of health, Mary has survived the constant changes and attention given to food intolerances, and has a lot to talk about!

Her mode of work means she has time to follow up with clients to find out what improvement they have experienced. The data she has amassed has become an invaluable, original and unique resource, linking foods to symptoms, and the expertise she gained from it is displayed in detail in her book.


Category: Health


Elevation Book Publishing

Elevation Book Publishing currently have three books by Lonz Cook in their catalogue and are looking for new clients.

A Choice to Yield

When Love Evolves

A Cyber Affair



An Honest Man - Simon Michael

A life long lover of all things legal Simon Michael was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in 1978. Since then he has spent many years prosecuting and defending criminal cases and in doing so has dealt with a wide selection of murderers, armed robbers, con artis