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A plea for indie authors by Rob Keeley - 9th August 2016

So, indie authors: we’ve all been there. You’ve carefully written your masterpiece, seen it through the editorial process and into print or electronic form. You’ve worked with your publisher on the cover or sourced one yourself, written the blurb and your author bio. You’ve researched your market thoroughly, know your target audience and have set the cover price. In short, you’ve done everything a traditionally-published author would do; creatively, perhaps even more. You’ve started to build a profile for yourself. Maybe you’ve got five-star reviews on Amazon, book trailers with numerous hits on YouTube, even been listed for awards. You’re holding signings, workshops and readings of your work. You’re a success.


Literally PR's Top 5 Author Tips For Radio Interviews - 29th July 2015

Radio interviews can be a great way to get news about your book out there in the general population but they do need to be prepared for if you want to get the most out of them. Literally PR has sent a lot of authors into the radio booth and we’ve learnt a few general rules in the process.


Notable Dates - 13th May 2015

There are many days throughout the year that are reserved for bringing attention or awareness to a specific issue or idea. They gather a lot of press attention on their own but can also help to form a press angle if your book covers or relates to any of the issues of upcoming days. If you need any help working out which day is best to pitch your book alongside contact us at info(at)literallypr(dot)com.


A horror story about Amazon by Lynn Michell - 12th February 2015

Amazon is a formidable, cunning giant and for small publishers like Linen Press, an almost prohibitively expensive market place. We would walk away, but it is the most visible and comprehensive virtual sales floor - simple, convenient, even addictive. Whether you want an obscure book on growing tomatoes or the ninth thriller in a series starring the same tough cop, type in the title and click.


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